Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gonzo daze

Fear and Loathing  
Fear and loathing kinsmen fallen disembowled into the tomb of pot headed popcorn hits a boat ride into the supersonic misfits under the boardwalk of fame the reincarnation of dead beatniks unable to create the dreams of devoured youth foreplay a twentieth century pivot swing away from the grandoise nirvana of their forefathers who spat skunk on tile sweat traps for the rat race junkie snaps making a bee line on railroads the vein thread of utopia forever arriving in nowhere going nowhere byproducts catching the late night cop shows for a hundred dollar twist the telescopic fist through the key hole and into a crack den motel room slunk into never ending roads that bleed across salt deserts dust bowl jesters on a journey in time reviving the mystic present to hurtle through life on a cannonball heading to new heights the Las Vagas lights the epicentre of king canute who died at the hands of witches a cauldron full of sex crazed kennedy dreamers who lapsed into knee jerk assassins before the wanton fire the fire that spasm of rage hurtled corpses of zombies launched from a coyote chaingang underpinning the lucid pall bearer hung up on tenter hooks laid bare the wanton attack took the hits who gives a fcuk they dont limitless in the round cinemascope frenzied whirlpool beacons shine on forever no latent indicators reform but deform in deceptive headlights that blind the minds eye gimps flipping through pages within a four hundred year old manuscript belie the uppercase autocrat spitting cyanide time all hail the fixed ambiguity mirror machine a terminal identity court upon mixing libidograph decks those facsimile delta blues drunk on rum seasons the hells angels shock tactics next door shut the fcuk up leather bound gonzos pumped up roadsters rampaging along moon rise road slash the tyres throw bodies on pyres release the gauntlet....get the picture?

ever watchful under the gonzo glare
Hunter S Thompson 20th feb 05
JD & Coke 

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