Sunday, 10 May 2015

Austerity for the next 5 years what a surprise

                                                  to all the nobody people

to all the somebody people

In a marginal seat (where Cameron went on his hols..tactics anyone?) & 55% of the electorate here in N Cornwall didn't vote Tory. 26,000 against a 21,500 win (just over 70% voted so plenty didn't even bother) If you spread out your voting in a country built only for a two party system it ain't gonna work. It's always the swingers who have the last laugh isn't it? Thanks to acronyms. With most leaders going out like Football managers who never got the top of the league. And the biggest ironic LOL goes to Farage. Still at least the Bankers up for fraud now give their bonus's to the needy.

        Look what we've got..a 2020 vision. Bank on society to cure a nation. Let's play it again Austerity part 2. Create more division more derision. It's gonna be painful..

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