Saturday 2 June 2018

250th Royal Academy Exhibition

12th June - 19th August

My entry 'The Inspectors : Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un inspecting Lady Gaga's Homage to Duchamp Urinal' aka Taking the Peace has been chosen to be exhibited at years Royal Academy Exhibition 2018

'The Inspectors'
oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm
Summer Exhibition 2018 Coordinator
Grayson Perry
Fellow artists! 2018 marks the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy, so the Summer Exhibition will celebrate a quarter of a millennium of artistic innovation. As coordinator, I have decided that the theme of the show will be ‘Art Made Now’. I want to champion the democracy of the exhibition and show off the diversity of art being made in this moment, so I encourage you to submit works that you have made in 2017/18. I am also planning a special ‘Room of Fun’ in a newly built part of the Academy, so the committee may well look favourably on artworks that we find amusing.”

Selection and Hanging Committee 2018

Phyllida Barlow, Piers Gough, Allen Jones, David Mach, Humphrey Ocean, Chris Orr, Cornelia Parker, Tom Phillips, Conrad Shawcross and Emma Stibbon.

Lady Gaga's Homage to Duchamp

Everything you need to know about this years RA Exhibition

Sunday 26 November 2017

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds It's a Beautiful World

Warning! Warning! Ladies, Gentlemen. Hang in there and say goodbye. Humanity is melting at both poles. Warning! Warning! Ladies, Gentlemen. Borders are closing. Inhale, exhale carbon monoxide. Relax and rest in peace. It's just the end of the world.

er...still time for change and resilience. It's a beautiful world. Look after it.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Marcel Duchamp Bottle Rack 1916

'Ascension in turn of the cast shadow' signed Marcel Duchamp by the hand
of Suzanne Duchamp (circa 1916)

Dali/Duchamp RA

Saturday 11 November 2017

Imagine Falmouth exhibition

I have a painting for sale at the Falmouth Art Gallery as part of Imagine Falmouth until 20th January
'Race on the Carrick Roads' Working boats of Falmouth (30cmx30cm)

Sail on the Carrick Roads

Entry no.49

Katri Paakkari 'Glamour Girl' (bronze)

Jamie Boyd 'Take the Lead'

Sue Davis 'Ribbon Toile'

Wednesday 8 November 2017

The Threadneedle Prize entry

The Inspectors: Kim Jong Il & Kim Jong Un inspecting Lady Gaga's Homage to Duchamp Urinal

The handing in day...

 28th October  
 Carlton House Terrace

 In the Spotlight

The next day...Slogan...Spacemen...Roadworks

ugly type

breathe in Gold Fish

Open Secret

and the rejection day...

Koons bag


 Collection 4th November

 Three of the best

Thursday 12 October 2017

Fake Art last open day popular demand the Fakists exhibition will open for one last day. Before they head off to New York! (And not because they still have lots of brochures to sell)

Ascension in turn of the cast shadow

(Tim Pryke)
Ron Ford

 Happy Meal : Sarah Lucas

Rothko Room
(Ron Ford & Mary Fletcher)

Temple treats
(Alice Mahoney)

Van Gogh, Bob Law, Rachel Whiteread
(Tim Pryke & D.Axtell)

  Chekhov's Gun : D.Axtell
"If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, 
then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don't put it there."
Anton Chekhov

Tracey Emins bed, Freeing Angelica, SC Moser original art
(Jacqui Orly, Mary Fletcher & SC Moser)  

Stuart Blackmore

(Tim Pryke)

McVitie's Rich Tea : Gavin Turk

Drink to your wealth : #Dotard v #Rocket Man
Lounge Lizard
Peter Blake

Having a cuppa soon with a Tracey Emin x

Thursday 5 October 2017

FAKE ART 5th -8th October

Open Evening Friday from 6pm

(brought to you via Gallery 13)

Back seat driver

Bud light...King of Beers

Water table aka Fake drinks station

Art of the Real Deal : Kim Jong un waiting for that lightbulb moment

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