Friday, 25 November 2016

Jimmy Cauty's ADP Riot on tour

Housed in a 40 ft shipping container, The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) is a monumental post-riot landscape in miniature by artist Jimmy Cauty. This dystopian model village is set somewhere in Bedfordshire, where only the police and media teams remain in an otherwise deserted, wrecked and dislocated land – all in 1:87 scale and viewed through observation ports in the side of the container.
The ADP Riot Tour hits Oxford’s Broad Street from 25 – 27 November 2016 as part of the city’s Christmas Light Festival. The container, spontaneously covered with public messages of love, political views and artwork, showcases a vast diorama detailing the aftermath of a major disturbance – which Oxford last experienced in winter 1355 on St Scholastica’s Day. A dispute between two University students and a local pub landlord escalated into a three-day riot over the quality of drinks at the Swindlestock Tavern, Carfax. What is thought to be one of the country’s earliest recorded secular riots involved over 2000 people and resulted in the violent deaths of 30 townspeople and 63 students. To learn more about this medieval winter tale download the official ADP Riot Tour Phamplet.
Far from inciting another riot, the event’s organisers hope the experience will be a peaceful and thought-provoking one to bring Town and Gown together. With the only real disturbance being the constant chatter of miniature police radios, dotted all over the exhibit.
Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BG
The container will be located outside the Clarendon Building entrance; opposite the Weston Library.
ADP will be illuminated during the following times: 
Friday 25 November, 5pm – 10pm
Saturday 26 November, 10am – 8pm
Sunday 27 November, 10am – 4pm
There will be a merchandise stall open during these times and limited editions are available online from L-13. All proceeds help keep the ADP container on the move! 
Admission free
Family Workshops will be held at OVADA during the festival (times TBA).

An alternate experience to Black Friday...


Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Verve - Blue


Knock yourself out cold
look beyond tomorrow
before we get old

limping home with sorrow
music in my ears
been calling out refrain

knocking on doors
simpatico remains
left on the floor

slip slide inside your mind
wild eyes say

look to the stars in kind

this world
deserves better days

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

All the Presidents Men

Voodoo economics

Magic number people
make paper girls wait
so step up to the plate
there's no time for clowns
dressed up to the nines in your towns

4 years of a day gone by
left to you and I
never giving up on a dime
to fast track an FTA
Super 301 provision
...join the queue
the one with the boy
holding hands with the Tele addicts
too late to save our time

Shine a light for the thrill seekers
Zen masters in
Atomic cities
peering over high walls
on vintage streets

Never knowing the right river
to swim against the incoming tide
Boy you know that city isn't yours to conquer
go drive like a nomad
beyond the city limits
where life's friction is beyond fiction

Haven't we already explained our fears?
They drown in our tears
dress down in black
nothing you can do
but mourn the day
make war pay
the devil will out
colours run red
the thin blue line shout

keep alive in your teens
stay dead in your jeans
flush out the slag heaps
where the future sleeps
a new brain drain
on the Presidential train

Feeling black and blue?
you know it's up to you
folly your leaders the newspapers read
this world isn't going anywhere

without you


America's Songbird

Go out into the sunshine
Catch a summer cold
Fly through the snow
Catch a winter sold

Doctors on the run below
On a wing and a prayer
It's a new fight or flight situation

A notional will to retaliate
you can free the world
As long as my baby is safe from harm tonight

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The new Presidential Inaugural speech

Who's turn will it be...? One we'd like to hear or one we'd like to steer clear...

Hillary Clinton President aka President Hillary Clinton
Post-election abbreviated speakeasy typescript ramble forward to know now

This day arrives upon my shoulders like no other before. It has been an immeasurable goal to stand here before you as the First elected Woman President of the United States. Having taken the oath as the Commander of Liberty & Protector of the Free World, I carry forth an ennobled weight from my predecessors and I intend to do justice as I stand on the shoulders of giants to bear witness the glory of America's greatest achievements. Yet there is more work to be done...

Through Industry, Science, Business, Technology, Healthcare and Universal Education I extoll my role as President to vow that I will uphold our cherished endeavours. The American people have witnessed ten years of historic recession, not since the Great Depression has America suffered such a dramatic downturn of economic events. One that my predecessor Barrack Obama led the way in curtailing. And I thank him for his measured thought, forthright action, limitless attention to detail, humbled manner and progressive style of authority which he emboldened to our Nation.

I understand the setbacks the working people's of this country have had to endure. No Child of want should be shunned by a lack of Education, no Woman amongst us should be shamed by a lack of Equality, no Man among you should be condemned by a lack of Prosperity, no Family between us should be distressed by a lack of Security, no Society of People(s) should lack a Free Government and no Nation should endure a lack of Human Rights. With a commitment, at grassroots level we will create firm foundations for all and future generations.

We are indeed all masters of our own destiny for every American is equal before the law. One that endures with a free press a sure requirement to an openness of free expression, not one to hide behind the wall of ignorance or bow down to the mask of prejudice but to rise above these crude misalignments of our age. We stand united, equal in manner, equal in race and together we answer those that would see us fail by walking hand in hand upon those hallowed paths of our forefathers sowing the seeds of our future. Never forgetting whence we came but moving forward with verve and a new determination to define this century.

As a Mother and Wife, the content of our character is indeed measured before our looks. Unless it's Vogue then I might consider an editorial. Women know the sacrifices made, the hard graft of ironing out the wheat from the chaff and the long hours spent washing away our dirty laundry in public. I may have sent a few private emails but at least the NSA knows more about you...and I may yet have time to cast my spell (checker) on the FBI.

More than ever there is a fundamental need of Universal Healthcare, Housing, Infrastructure, Renewed Gun legislation such as the Assault Weapon ban, a Police Force which is accountable to the People and for the People, a Country willing to support our Black youth, we will come together to curtail racial tensions, we will come together to overcome our drug, crime and inner city turmoil. We stand together to win the long-term recovery of nations devastated by war, environmental catastrophes and famine. This is the Country we can be and will become. Together we stand firm.

We will support the world's children, we will weather the storm of cyclical malnutrition. I will raise equality not only for my gender but for all. Education is the key. The burden of proof lays before you. To our sons and daughters. To these exceptional young students willing to embrace the new frontier, committed to make a stand for the rights and wills of people(s) wherever despondency is found...we shall respond resolutely.

The World is defined more globally than ever. We will continue building bridges between Nations. We will stand firm with our allies and stay secure with NATO and within Europe. The turmoil of the Middle East embroiled as it is in the tumult of human suffering, where people have endured the fear of terror for too long under regimes stifling freedoms, where the terrorist bomb inflicts carnage upon all humanity. Where suffering refugees await their return home to a peaceful land we will offer hope. For Man does not profit from injustice but will profit under free governments elected by the will of the people. And so we will continue to work with all our allies and partners. Strengthening bonds in the Arab League to forge new alliances to rectify and prevent extremism in all it's guises and forms.

Great economic downturns can be thwarted by creative investment in Green policies and investing in sound business practices. We are committed to stem the flow of Climate change. One Nations water shortage is not an isolated scenario, neither is a States. Fracking & polluted water sources? Still going strong on the back of competition with OPEC. America will continue to work alongside our partners at the UN as we did in the historic Paris Conference and within the G20 on these important environmental concerns. We will endeavour to ratify the new START Treaty and to continue the process of heralding a future Nuclear Free world.

    This great Nation of ours, this beacon of hope that has risen through our Declaration of Independence 240 years ago shall be rewarded for such a steadfast conviction at home as well as abroad. We will be measured in turn by how we respond in kind to defend the Revelation of Freedom across the globe. As we reach out, in turn, offer our hand of friendship. Our olive branch is always within reach for it is offered willingly. We take pride in these freedoms, we rejoice in a sanctity whose beacon shall forever be lit as others are rekindled anew. This majestic tree that bears such fruit of our labours will branch out beyond our borders, across continents and vast oceans...and into the heavens of space.

Our arrows will defend liberty wherever it is found, to nurture nations, for humanity to inherit, for civility to grow, for all peoples to live on this Earth with Human rights, Justice and Freedom as God intended. As a just, caring Nation, we offer goodwill and we will invest a truth that resounds and reverberates around the World.

The Clinton Foundation

Credit AP/LM Otero

Donald Trump aka Mr President or President Trump

or Post-election abbreviated speak easy typescript waffle two...from Back to the Future II

Wow! Thank you America. I am really pleased with the result. Phew. Granted, it was won by one hundred thousand votes which is exactly like the Kennedy/Nixon Election result of the 60's. I'm no Kennedy let me tell you. What did his Peace Corps ever do for us? Did he define the peacekeeping role of the UN? I don't know. I'm a Hotel owner. Do we have a budget for this peace stuff, are these volunteer peoples kept safe? Until I get guarantees no American citizen is going anywhere.

Listen, I can hold up my head high proudly looking out to a new America. On the forefront of a great change. My America is a universal one. An America for all. Yes, there are down and outs, there are Ghettos, there is gun crime, there is a World of problems and I will not shy away from these obligations to mend and heal. I come to you as a man willing to work for you, speak on behalf of you, spend on behalf of you and to cry out for you.

      What is this Age that we live in, is it the 21st Century? I'll tell ya, it's a new bloody frontier. Especially once we leave NATO. America First...get to the back of the queue world. There is no such thing as a free lunch, there are no guarantees, I offer you nothing but blood, sweat and tears. I'm no Churchill. (I'm quoting) I'm not British. I'm an American. Let me say who I am not by the way I look or by the what I say but in my actions. Those will speak the loudest. You can try and take shelter, but you can't hide from the facts. A broken America can be mended. I'm a pragmatist at heart you know. Ideals are for dreamers. I'm a realist. That's why I dream big and I'm living the American Dream. Because I'm worth every cent of my billions. And remember Philanthropy is what America does best. Yes, we used Braun's technology to take us to the Moon...we took that Brit guys technology of the internet and made money out of it. Cos we're smart.

I'm a visionary, I have a vision and I am proud to serve. I will create wealth for all, I'm gonna share it. I'm gonna dismantle the Pyramid of wealth. People built the pyramids. You heard right. I'll create a flood plain on a dried up river bed (as my analogy) it requires a bit of moisture..water. Know this I will make it Rain. Nevermind my bankruptcies? That's nothing compared to a bankrupt America.

And we will rise again. We may take note from Canada where they had boring banks with enough Capitol to defend against any toxic loans. No-ones heard them complaining. I hear it works having a Canadian running the UK's Bank supposedly. I'm not sure. Not here. No way. Also, I will close the borders to stop any liberal minded people from moving north. And remember walls mean you can't leave too, so Canada can build their own. We don't want any Canadians here. You are staying steadfast with me on this one America no matter what.

As for all that Climate change hoo-ha I'm going to listen to experts and then ignore them. Just like Europe wanting Diesel cars even though they can have more fuel efficient petrol ones or Dyson electric cars we will create Congestion charges and clog up our roads. Makes sense. I'll put that before the Senate or Congress whatever works..and you know what I'll call 'em and go there myself. None of this email stuff, now twitter I like.

I love a well-run Zoo, don't you? Now it's time to start farming animals just like we farm our forestry preserved trees. Let's farm Elephants for their Tusks! Let's not burn impounded Ivory and create a price rise in the product. I'm a businessman I see through this inadequate terminology. That goes for Rhino's too even though their horns are just made out of keratin, the stuff our nails and hair are made out of and not Ivory. It's uncool. Sometimes you've got to think, people are weird. I'll shoot a Warthog for money, Roosevelt did. Why not? Hunting isn't for free.

Okay so I'm rambling now but it's funny right? I'm no comedian but I will say this if Arizona turned from a desert to an oasis I'm going to turn plenty of desert in the Middle East into Trump Golf courses and there's always a need for brand new Hotel's right? So wherever I go around the world on my Business trips as President I will spice up my estate portfolio without hesitation. Without hesitation just to be clear. Thank you.

    There are enemies within and we will route out this virus, not by bombast but with due reasoned attention because attention to detail is everything. Any ill will towards this great nation will be swallowed hole, no medication can quell a vindictive lust of aggression. You can call my bluff. Only a pathway of prevention and an obligation to delegate with the machinations of politics is the right cause I will take. We will not be silenced, we will demand the best and raise the loudest protest to any foe.

Apathy is not in my dictionary. We will stand tall. Only in Mexico will they have to use a ladder. And I'm gonna revoke Obama's illegal alien amnesty. I can do what the hell I want. There is an old order that needs a new function. There will be no new prohibition unless you live in Iraq. And it ain't gonna happen in the new Damascus. No way. I'm going to enjoy a beer with their new leader. We'll open a Trump Bar. Happy hour? No problem.

To the Saudi's I say this we won't sell any more arms to you until a Peace deal is negotiated in Yemen. I may even invite over a Camel driver like LBJ did in Pakistan back in the 60's but the official language now is Urdu and not in english even though the vast majority speak Punjabi. So I guess I'll have an interpreter, I may be ignorant but we need Camel Drivers here in Las Vegas too you know. That's why I still smoke Cuban cigars, and that's the only reason I'm gonna thank Obama. The World Order has changed in my eyes and we are going to make the World change with us. And don't say I should have gone to Specsavers...I've had a lot of this ghostwritten you know. It'll be in my new book.

As my Father said 'Don't conquer a country, don't conquer a government. If you wish to conquer, conquer the hearts of people' As we have opened up our great American heart so we ask others to open theirs up to us. We are a neighbourly nation..thank God we only have two. I'll talk to anyone and everyone but on my terms. First, let me warn those who tolerate intolerance. We will come down hard on those against us and we will embrace those who respect our course. For all rights of man fall under the one roof of Law. As humble as I am and as true to my nearest and dearest you have not only my word but my honour. Let me tell you no-one will cross me as President or there will be hell to pay.

Trump Charity

cut n' paste the gospel truth