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                         Anger is an energy..use it, you know in a good way. Simple.


               Well sometimes you know you've just got to go out there and crack your whip!
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Saturday, 26 April 2014

W1A : Session 2 aka Splinter of The Minds Eyes

 Lets throw in W1A : Splinter Group brunch 2 - Languine is on the menu with spuds you like

level with us
Simon Harwood: Somerset levels...the clue is in there somewhere..

Tracey Pritchard: Flat. Flat, bloody flat

David Wilkes: Levels right are..for like, you know, only for the level headed?

Simon Harwood: And they are to know and we are to find out..and that is our job definitive

Ian Fletcher: Glastonbury Tor is rather high..

Simon Harwood: High enough to see how far the lake goes? You know I do like you more
and more..

Siobhan Sharpe: Here's the thing. Lets plant..a big number of those tall things with nests

Tracey Pritchard: Trees? Have you ever been out of the city?

Ian Fletcher: Poplar

Siobhan sharpe: Whatever, lets say a big number

Ian Fletcher: How big?

Siobhan Sharpe: Throw something at me

Simon Harwood: Say ten full Olympic stadiums of people..that was popular

Ian Fletcher: Um..yes. 1 million.

Siobhan Sharpe: Cool

Ian Fletcher: And all those popular poplar trees will off set the concrete houses and roads that...

Lucy Freeman: Nations build everywhere on flood plains

Simon Harwood: But not on stilts? RSJ's very, very import

Ian Fletcher: Important indeed. Import to whom?

David Wilkes : Ant and Dec..

Ian Fletcher: Who? Are you suggesting Ant and Dec cross borders to the BBC?

Siobhan Sharpe: Lets build four storeys high. Float on air bags. Go hover somerset wa-hay

Simon Harwood: That is a great Grand Design concept can we do a grand re-float?

Ian Fletcher: Poplar by Design?

Simon Harwood: Yes..ooh you are on the money

Ian Fletcher: Wait. No...on second thought it would be an eyesore? Height would be an issue

Tracey Pritchard: What Four storeys is higher than a wind farm? Farmers having no planning
                            permission to erect monstrosities all over the place

Simon Harwood: The crime rate is literally going sky high..apparently

Ian Fletcher: No. Lets not dredge up that topic

Siobhan Sharpe: Sail away, sail away, sail away...Enya

Simon Harwood: Stunning absolutely stunning track great atmospherics

David Wilkes: From Fiji and Bali take me to lands I've never seen?

Simon Harwood: ..reminds me of my holidays

Ian Fletcher: Quite

Simon Harwood: And of my air miles, they've flown away somewhere must count them up

Ian Fletcher: Well were not on holidays or vacations we are slowly digesting our next course..

Siobhan Sharpe: Of flapjacks..

Ian Fletcher: Can truth and values can sit together?

Simon Harwood: Not even on the same bench. Don't try and square a peg where none are wanted

David Wilkes: Or half way across East Anglia..

Ian Fletcher: Do they have sand dunes?

Siobhan Sharpe: Total wipe out zone totally

Tracey Pritchard: It'd be an eyesore

Ian Fletcher: Sand does tend to blow in one's eye

David Wilkes: Ford Anglia was an ugly car wasn't it?

Simon Harwood: Everyone would complain about the new builds. Understandable really new
homes are boring aren't they. None have chimneys anymore funnily enough..wonder why

David Wilkes: Especially if you drove a Ford Anglia in East Anglia too that would be uglier

Ian Fletcher: Has anyone heard of Edwin Lutyens?

Lucy Freeman: What has this got to do with Somerset and why don't I have more to say here?!

Ian Fletcher: Have you seen the costs?

Tracey Pritchard: Not your paycheck obviously

Simon Harwood: Lutyens re-developed Delhi didn't he? Last time I was in India I was in Bombay - long time ago now. What's it called again now?

David Wilkes: Mombassa

Tracey Pritchard: That's Kenya totally different continent altogether!

David Wilkes: Oh, right getting confused..sorry

Siobhan Sharpe: African sanctus is a total flip out universe...Fanshawe one world lets rock that juice

Ian Fletcher: Mumbai

Simon Harwood: Mumbai..yes now that rings a bell. Thank you

Ian Fletcher:  Now Siobhan how much for clear up costs in the Somerset flats..levels

Siobhan Sharpe: 100 million pounds and zero pence. Dredge of a wedge!

David Wilkes: Wow! Like that's, like less you know than the beeb pays in Salford rates

Ian Fletcher: Really? That's more than my wage packet

Tracey Pritchard: Careful Ian. That's less than cleaning up the Nuclear Energy industry

David Wilkes: Are we sending in the Top Gear team..I mean they survived Chechnya right?

 Tracey Pritchard: was Chernobyl and how they survived that I'll never know

Ian Fletcher: Whats the  cost? I mean for the Energy clean up 

Simon Harwood: Why don't you interject here Lucy

Lucy Freeman: Thanks. About time..20 billion pounds

Ian Fletcher: Unbelievable...

Simon Harwood: Imagine that in a De La Rue money warehouse. Crisp notes..on the wrong paper

David Wilkes: Like what we spend on Dr Who..

Ian Fletcher: Go on

Lucy Freeman : The cost of Trident?

Tracey Pritchard: 20 to 35 billion pounds depending on who to believe

Lucy Freeman: Including planes and aircraft carriers..

Ian Fletcher: To replace it?

Tracey Pritchard: With what - harsh words?

Simon Harwood: Upwards of 120 billion pounds..sorry had to butt in. I had a bigger number. Plum points being a male here.

Ian Fletcher: And the Afghan war?

Lucy Freeman: 35 billions

Ian Fletcher: mmm

David Wilkes: No way! Like that is shocking. Could of meant we needn't of moved to Salford

Simon Harwood: Do you know I was thinking exactly the same thing

Ian Fletcher: How much did the USA spend in Afghan?

Lucy Freeman: Over 350 billion. Ha beat you

Simon Harwood: You know sometimes I just play Simon says...

Tracey Pritchard: Wow bloody wee

Ian Fletcher: Combined with Iraq..

Lucy Freeman: Anywhere upwards of 4 Trillion dollars

Ian Fletcher: Is that 4,000 billion or 4 million billion?

Siobhan Sharpe: Google it..

Lucy Freeman: That's a mispelling of Googol

Ian Fletcher: Like misspelling...

Siobhan Sharpe: What about a Toggle? I am so going to .com bubble it..I'll tweet it first

David Wilkes: You can still get decent Afghan heroin on the streets though

Siobhan Sharpe: Cool..T.o.g.g.l.e hashtag

Tracey Pritchard: There's no hero's in Heroin. Can you pass me a rich tea biscuit please. Thank you

David Wilkes: What's safer. Flying kites in India or Afghanistan?

Simon Harwood: Well fighter kites in India are very very dangerous..I think they could quite conceivably replace drones

Lucy Freeman: Warlords are back in vogue

Ian Fletcher: Vogue magazine? Not sure if that's appropriate

Simon Harwood: And they prefer crisp American dollars on the right papers obviously

Ian Fletcher: Obviously

Siobhan Sharpe: And dancing a west end show on broadway

Ian Fletcher: Billy Elliot

David Sharpe: Lets do a musical

Siobhan Sharpe: It'll be a hit

Tracey Pritchard: A one hit wonder more than likely

Lucy Freeman: Those Taliban make 400 million a year from opium

Ian Fletcher: I can see a correlation

Simon Harwood: Why are we in a recession again?

David Wilkes: Were not in charge of selling opium?

Tracey Pritchard: Don't be bloody stupid. You get more from selling guns and hospital drugs

David Wilkes: No I do not..that is untrue. I do have a BB gun though

Lucy Freeman: The NHS costs 120 billion a year to run

Simon Harwood: And De La Rue has run out of money...

Ian Fletcher: Does it include consultancy fees?

Lucy Freeman: No. It's mostly over priced drugs and unnecessary nose jobs...

Simon Harwood: Now who's paying people £300 a day to be told something they already know? Don't  quote me on that..lets be civil. I've just taken a random amount out of the thin blue air

Tracey Pritchard: I blame that embarrassing bodies programme.. wouldn't you be embarrassed being on it. Stupid people.
Ian Fletcher: And to save the coal industry?!

Tracey Pritchard: 10 million grandfathers turning in his grave

David Wilkes: You can win that one from a roll over..I said I did Thunderball didn't I

Siobhan sharpe: I do euro millions..I'll win what they're giving away

Ian Fletcher: Mmm quite ..yes I see the figures do have peaks and troughs

Tracey Pritchard: A right pigs ear of a trough more bloody likely

Siobhan Sharpe: They're not popular here..troughs are for horses

David Wilkes: Were eating out of sushi bowls..carbonara anyone

Ian Fletcher: Pigs ears? I don't quite follow

David Wilkes: Like that's all we need. Pigs that fly..parmesan! I just luuurve parmesan

Simon Harwood: Pink Floyd over Battersea with new glass and RSJ's hopefully..pre-fab Malaysian

Siobhan Sharpe: How low can you go...limbo, limbo, limbo.

David Wilkes: And I'll raise my arm only if you put a pretend coin in my armpit

Ian Fletcher: old oak would do? We need to be on the same level

Tracey Pritchard: No, not this one

Simon Harwood: Jokes don't grow on trees do they?

Ian Fletcher: They..just appear?

Lucy Freeman: Like tears in the rain..

Siobhan Sharpe: Cool!

Friday, 25 April 2014

XXX more days till Exhibition! 26thMay - 2nd June

The lost boys
                          Lord of the Flies time..and check out the (policy) review.    

Fleur of Peace 
Featuring something old, something new, something borrowed and something I made up..hopefully not just four pieces of artwork then

The Poly 'Spring Gallery' , Church St, Falmouth  * exhibition link

I will have paintings also on show at The Russell Gallery, Putney Bridge, London (July-Sept)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Shakespeare : Man to Man of wit and to woe

  Man to Man X years olde

Well thespians...twas in Charlestown me thinks where but a wench did fall between the
ropes of yore..and upon her crestfallen cry the crowd did break with good cheer and
merryment for all was night a glorious night where upon a film did partake these shores.
        Man to Man whose story struck the slave driven story, whose malevolent demons lurk in
mans cruelty to thy neighbour. Alas only but in the eyes of God? No man shall be but an equal?
        What benefit to man if no man is of equal merit? A quest long in shadow for it casts a
manifest blind eye to those whose foul wanton deeds provide salacious cruelty upon virgin sands.

Nay **Spolier **
Cries of anger boil over. What sayeth you? A murder upon the sails? An angry mob run amok
to sin. Their only skill to run hoof clad over cobble stones.
Twas but a background...

Captured in two all night shoots the Peels boy in blue stepped aside to let Messers Fiennes
a fine fellow indeed. Whom did appear seven years previous in mine love of shakespeare.
Joy to all great comedy wherein the scribe is but a jester of court. I jest, Shakespeare in
Love. Until Elizabeth reigns on my parade. Thus was cast, truly a fine performance.

As for the day before the eyes of said film extra. (Nay, pauper he of short wit and dim means)

Strange lights as hot as sun and measurements of not height but distance taken? He stands to wait...
So doeth Mrs Scott-Thomas of Gosford Park and Random Hearts did play upon his emotions
for here twas the lady left in pains of the English Patient.
            Crystal eyed she sailed and he upon her river. Ah but if film be the fool of love..

Whilst amongst the cast Messers Bonneville ah yes mighty Hugh with lens to cap 'Just a little
keepsake, you don't mind do you?' he requested with his optics of capturing moving time to play.

Upon a break of afternoon the day was long and tobacco earnt..'Lunch time now I should 
suppose' spoken like a true gent of his Fiennes age. And we strode par unison for a while...
posed until seated director Regis Wargnier requested a carriage scene.

To wax lyrical on through the night if I may only a few deck casts were still on scene and this Peel too...twas the instrument of woe plagued our ships crew. And many scenes in space were taken.

For at dawn the day did rise again.

And as I sat upon the harbour wall alone to ponder twice nights fixations. I say to thee 'Twas a merry dance and one I'd oft to see' 

                    (yeah, I know I don't understand Shakespeare either! Happy 450th and all)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

W1A : Episode 1 The Core of Value is way way way deep in solid rock mostly

Heads up it's a Splinter group

And we zoom over to W1A on a fold up bush pike during a BBC heads up in a zone of Tea brunch

Ian Fletcher: Values?!

Simon Harwood: It's a valve open and closed

Ian Fletcher: Right.

Tracey Pritchard: It's very the Welsh

David Wilkes: ACDC swing both ways it's worth more to double up

Ian Fletcher: Is it an April fool?

Tracey Pritchard: Yes. That's Bush picking up Aprils brush on TV

David Wilkes: Where everyone's at sex they are so into their oils, unbelievable for gunslingers

Tracey Pritchard: You mean Texas..

Ian Fletcher: Does every word have to be cryptic?

Tracey Pritchard: That's exactly what Said said drinking port in a Turkish bath viewing the Syriana film

Simon Harwood: Thought provoking isn't it? Those high and mighty powers that be...

Ian Fletcher: Okay, but foreign powers are not my speciality

Tracey Pritchard: You know W1A is one big BBC promo

Ian Fletcher : Right. Yes I think that's a truism

Simon Harwood: And Salford

David Wilkes: That's PC architecture for Blue Peter?

Tracey Pritchard: In Madchester

Ian Fletcher: Mmm..not sure where this is going

Lucy Freeman: The Hacienda is closed

David Wilkes: It's more MidChester now

Ian Fletcher: Do enlighten me

Tracey Pritchard: They drink red wine but I prefer Lovage does the job proper..for me

Simon Harwood: Instead of downing an E

Ian Fletcher: Yes go on

David Wilkes: e-males were all the rage in the 80's and 90's

Ian Fletcher: Oh hello..

Siobhan Sharpe enters from another round of spaced out...pronounced shiv-horn and not shevron I am into dyslexic..thats chevron as in not cheeky

Siobhan Sharpe: Hi guys

Ian Fletcher: Siobhan got any takers on why the beeb is into core promotion?

Siobhan Sharpe: Like I mean okay you guys they are the bees knees and extremely celtic.

Simon Harwood: The Corrs are Irish no worries there. Bound to have good promoters lets get them on

Ian Fletcher: but core promotion is it ingrained or going..well, deep?

Siobhan Sharpe: Over use of the word fracking...get over it you guys  

Ian Fletcher: Yes Siobhan can you be more specific?

Siobhan Sharpe: Sure okay get this Salford is like up North where it's alot greyer?

Ian Fletcher: Correct. Thank you were getting somewhere and we are promoting core values

Simon Harwood: Of the north. Beautiful isn't it strategy of London's high rents for the Chinese

Siobhan Sharper: Big trouble in little China..

David wilkes: she's my little china girl. I love Bowie he's danger

Tracey Pritchard: oh baby just shut your mouth..bloody ridiculous lyrics. Can't see it myself

David Wilkes: Maybe the north does have value? It could you know? Could well be..

Ian Fletcher: By god it needs it under the conservatives

Tracey Pritchard: It's a coalition..? Well that's news to me, how silly can you get

Ian Fletcher: Very silly. Yes

Siobhan Sharpe: Coalition of the unwilling when you mix yellow and blue you get green..

David Wilkes: Amazing you're amazing! I love that colour but what does it mean?

Siobhan Sharpe: I'm colour blind

Ian Fletcher: No takers for altruism then..

Tracey Pritchard: The grass is greener on the other side...

Ian Fletcher: ..ITV?

Tracey Pritchard: That's Downton Abbey for you

Ian Fletcher: Which explains alot..

Siobhan Sharpe: Liberal viewing l.i.b.e.r.a.l stab in the back party oh yay oh yay oh yay

Simon Harwood: Where are they..? It's all so mysterious isn't it?

Tracey Pritchard: Gone swimming in the yellow river most likely

David Wilkes: The Yangtze?

Siobhan Sharpe: Tory Hoyti toyti on your knees to the communist chinese please please sell me now

Lucy Freeman: No it's Huang He

Ian Fletcher: That's an ocean or sky..? Sorry I'm not good with puzzles or rivers of speech

Simon Harwood: What's the story morning glory...just trying to help pull things along

Ian Fletcher: In a nut shell?

Tracey Pritchard: Ooh look nobby's nuts it's on the menu

Ian Fletcher: So it is

David Wilkes: I love Noddy Holder he's from the Quo

Ian Fletcher: No. Oh, ok. Yes....I'll have a packet of those

Tracey Pritchard: He was in Slade wasn't he?

Siobhan Sharpe: Noddy, the little man in the red and yellow car

Ian Fletcher: Ah yes, mascots. I'm assuming communist liberals..

Siobhan Sharpe: Get in there Mr Bluetooth

Simon Harwood: People love the status quo

Lucy Freeman: No they don't it keeps changing..and we have to stay one step ahead of the game

David Wilkes: Don't the Quo have the original line up now? And they appeal to the masses...

Tracey Pritchard: Of unemployed

Siobhan Sharpe: And the tories go..we like it, we like it, we lalalala like it, ere we goo-oh emptying our pockets all over the world...

Ian Fletcher: Is this going anywhere? I'm not sure if this is needing to actually travel anywhere

Simon Harwood: Big train bills though..very big I hope you have a deep pocket. No travel allowance. Cut backs..awful business

Ian Fletcher: Yes you're right. Recession..quite dig deep. And the beeb?

Siobhan Sharpe: Is like you know way down south get over it we are on the edge people

Ian Fletcher: Quite..I do know a little geography Siobhan

David Wilkes: Way way down south..near the estuary in fact. I love the sea but not when it's cold

Ian Fletcher: So we've just created more travel expenses instead of M25 centalisation

Siobhan Sharpe: Like yeah duh obvious next question

David Wilkes: Isn't it so's a roll over literally every week. I'm doing Thunderball

Ian Fletcher: Different set of circumstances there I think but gambling in a recession I take your point

Simon Harwood: You know you should join the GCHQ they would love candidates like you

Siobhan Sharpe: Like go for it. It's rope-a-dope time!

Ian Fletcher : But I'm no good at foreign dealings

Simon Harwood : Shame plus points though good cv don't drone on though keep them in your sights

Siobhan Sharpe: A new hit. The core of the War Office!

Ian Fletcher: Cause and effect?

Siobhan Sharpe:  Lets do this. Lets drive to Russia together..again only this time in Crimea

Tracey Pritchard: Can't you sign on?

Ian Fletcher: Oh Balderdash!