Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pure Evil & Wild

Wise Rabbit

              The Opening of Pure Evil and Wild exhibition at the new POP Gallery in town
              Andy Warhol's new kids on the block...

Thursday, 24 October 2013

RWA Pre-Selection

Eulimene love I
40x40cm oil on linen canvas

Eulimene love II
40x40cm oil on panel
Both Eulimene I and II (post 7/9/13) have been shortlisted (pre-selected) for this years Royal West of England 161st Open Submission Exhibition in Bristol. Selected works to be delivered to the RWA 8th/9th Nov and the final Selection day is 10th November...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Exhibition Moments

Chelyabinsk Meteorite - 'sods law we didn't see that one come-in...'
Found Fragment (s)
A cure in every black moment

In the Hands of Glory
(milkcrate moulded hand- Barnbow Leeds Dec 1916)
Prolonged use by the handling of sulphurs in TNT by WW1
munitionnettes made their skin turn yellow earning them the
nickname 'Canaries'. A way to combat this side effect was to drink plenty of milk.

The Green Zone

R2D2 in a spin - the thin red line

Momento - Tying a yellow ribbon

Man on Wire

I won't forget you (or my brother for an umbrella)
After Will Self


Je t'aime - Cross my heart (Pont des arts)

Heart of Darkness aka criss-cross, orange line, gunpowder
surrounding the Greenzone (every fifth round is a tracer indicated by an orange tip)

All Saints - 40 seconds away from Love

The Strange and Terrible saga - Hunter S Thompson
aka The Black Curve years

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Today is the tomorrow you were promised yesterday 15th-21st October Poly Falmouth

Holding onto love, Sky Mirror Red (Anish Kapoor), Jailbirds aka Pussyriot,
Carbon Copy, Cloud 9, Deliverance, Well Worn Target, Nadya-Masha & Katya
Jean Seberg 'so short the kiss' 
Two Towers after Philippe Petit circa 1974

Narrative extract taken from 'Blind Funk'
'High above the twin towers Red Cross flags were flying...
Sixty years before Philippe Petit bridged the gap to dispense unctuous charm'

Through a glass, darkly

 Ma Mamita
Includes a love lock, Rose and WW1 watch stopped at 10:27pm
'Tying a yellow ribbon of moments'
Do you see what i see?

Target Moments 

Canaries Wait - Moulded hand Factory Steel & lead nameplate
 Still life - Copper plate woodblock letterpress
   Healing Isle through a glass, darkly
Ninotchka 'suppress it'
 Fading in through a glass, darkly (Ingmar Bergman)
        Cloud 9 with Colliding Circles (care of Martin

1914-1918 In Memorium - 18 inch high cross
A Bucket Full of Empty Moments

Fifty new works created for the FAME show encompassing paintings, Illustrations, Sculptures
with re-purposeful narratives.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Exhibition - Moment : Through a glass, darkly

                                      F.A.M.E. 15h - 21st October at the Poly Falmouth (mixed show)