Monday, 8 August 2016

Saffron Walden Gallery

Cambridge Scenes & Nostalgic Cornwall

Susan Isaac - Cambridge Scenes

Capturing the raw beauty of architecture & design, Susan Isaac brings a timeless quality with a true essence of the place to her oil paintings

Above painting, 'St John's College from Trinity Street' recently won a
Windsor & Newton award, artist quote below.

 'When I chose the viewpoint for this work, I was partly drawn to the architectural majesty of St John's College with its castellated Tudor Great Gate, contrasting with stone buildings to left and right. However, my eye was particularly caught by the all-pervading bicycles corralled in groups along the broad pavement ahead of me, with the fine spokes of the bicycle wheels echoing the crisscrossing of winter branches that lace a late afternoon sky. A lowering sun sends a shaft of Indian yellow into the centre of the painting, which, along with the line of the kerb helps to draw the eye in and along the curve of Trinity Street.'

Susan Isaac Paintings

David Axtell - Nostalgic Cornish Summers

David Axtell's oil paintings have the ability to transport one back to the long lost summers of yesteryear, capturing the innocence, magic & freedom
of Cornish holidays 

David Axtell Paintings
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