Friday, 20 January 2017

Everything is F****D part 2 : My Country 'tis of thee

Everything is f**ked (pop up exhibition CMR projectspace 24th Feb-26th)

A sign

Fake Freedom : There is no freedom...only if you want it (your choice)  

 the four freedoms

Fake News : There is no news..only new items for sale

four freedoms

 Fake Art : There is no art..only artifice and it's worth a lot

blind trust

Trust in braille/copy & refective acrylic

Fake Truth : There is no truth..only what lies beneath

paper weight

World paper weight/May 45' headline

Fake Empire : There is no Empire...only sometimes it strikes back

f*** the week

Fake Climate Change: There is no Climate change...only under Trump duly ignored

(Remember climate change won't kill you like guns would)

low hanging fruit

Fake Comedy : There is no comedy...only a world without laughter


Monday, 16 January 2017

Star Roving Slowdive

Drowned in the moonlight...RIP Carrie Fisher x & Debbie Reynolds x

Star Roving

Give it away now, girl
Can't look down to mine
Every black and white
Secrets of blinking light
And like flies on 
Said she's feeling warm for everyone tonight
Although possible
Said she's feeling good, said she's feeling good

Smiling beautiful
Says I'll make it bad
For everyone to hide
Twisting by my girl
Nothing left to lose
Nothing left to fight

Give it away now, girl
Can't look down to mine
Every black and white
Secrets of seeking light
In a flash of time
Said she's feeling warm for everyone tonight
Smiling beautiful
Says I'll make it bad for everyone to hide


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Everything is F**ked

Pop up artshow for the new year in conjunction with CMR. (Mid Feb)

Here's a general first thought notes, it will have no bearing on the outcome of said exhibition, cos first thoughts count for everything...with no swear words throughout

No kidding : "In ten years Mel, I'm gonna be President just like this guy was"
Friends re-united (As above)
Did you vote for so called elites? (ditto)
Political elites sitting on boards of corporations becoming President or Corporate elites with no political career becoming President? always - DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE? (6,5) clue - Flavor Flav
Baton Rouge : Red sticks dividing a nation
Popular numbers don't always constitute popular outcomes
Emoluments clause? Who cares. It's gonna be good for business
Everything I write is F'd
Rule America the Trump way (no conflict of interests guaranteed) 
There's no money in Nukes. Uranium is dirt cheap
Palmyra is safe as houses and no-one f**ks off (it's an occupational hazard)
Save George Soros a mint. Spend! Spend! Spend!
Solutions only arrive after much f**cking about
Make notes and create a symphony (music to my ears)
Make notes and create a novel (whilst you live in one)
Make notes and report a scandal (occurring every day)
Play Monopoly only then will you truly become a bonafide expert
Ignore the expert and play charades instead aka a charade
Rodrigo Duterte The Philippino President..enjoying a unique state of mind
He'll need it to pay a visit to the coral islands
Japan enjoys cessation of pacifist arms embargo aka Rearming 
Own up to Tax evasion and pay with food stamps
Contractually a lot of music bands were Fcked
The Clinton Foundation. Yours for only $4.99. Eyeliner comes free when you buy two
Americans never forgot The 1994 law...
Or the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999...kind of added to the 08 banking crisis
I'm not signing anything
Don't listen to Trump he's heard it all before
The world's media ignore everything Farage says for a whole year
Stewart Lee has a golden opportunity to be witty. Wry? Because it's funny (sic)
When you close our eyes we see beyond the truth (it's an old, old saying) Aka dreaming
Buy books and let the Secretary of State write them
Only then will the President enjoy his own critic and bear no grudge
Invest in YUKOS anyone?
Putin's Russia? I've not read it yet. Come to think of it...has Trump?
No one offers hope unless they know solutions have outcomes that offer hope
** means snowflakes on a weather map
Cows invade China. Milk banned. Import duties measured in cheese
Chemical warfare becomes foot and mouth disease
Polar Bears..move to Siberia
Ozone layer recedes means we can fix this mess
Shake the FA's hands and help fund young deflated football players
So much beauty so much love so much for survival of the fittest
Impeached? Those with right wing view mirrors dip after President owns up to paying taxes
Tax liability? Just fly to Canada (on occasion) to escape the IRS
F**k it. Whitewater? Old hat
That's nothing compared to Trumps white rabbit being pulled out of his hat
Only the fittest get to go on the cover of Hello! magazine
No news? That's because Trump hasn't sent a tweet  
Wait till he disses Twitter then see shares plunge
Retraction is a word used for those who tweet first, think second & can't edit their brain
F**king porn hub
I'm not surprised there's so much distraction
Quick run here's a riot. Stand still and offer bread loaves to throw
Animals aren't required to work so we eat them & kill them to extinction
Work is a treat. Reading is a gift. Having an opinion is like a spit in a sink
Freedom is having the ability to turn the tap on
Or is it having a plug
Basically don't look in the might not like what you see
And that's before the Plumber arrives to unblock the sink
Sometimes just like Matt Hooper in Jaws...some people say 'I got no spit'
A wrong analogy..probably. Metaphors work better but this is supposed to be f**ked up
Shoot first then own a gun second. That's cannon that is
Tampon tax. (Another reason Brexit won) Don't tax periods. Tampon's unite
Menstruation is a gift. Celebrate
Mastication is sexy. Salivate
Don't tell the chameleon. His background was never up to scratch
And this is not funny
Lift only your left hand. The other hand hasn't got a right leg to stand on
Only the weak will survive
Watershed? It's way past bedtime. Your man cave leaks
F**k will. Where's Wally?
Doll signs hit list with tiny tears
Bedtime story horror. Teddy Bear twins sign Nuclear deal
Let's not antagonize bears or jump to conclusions
There was no deal and nukes really won't affect climate change
Trump will restart the Nevada Test Site. Yipee-ki-yay!
WHEN THE WIND BLOWS by Raymond Briggs. Kim Jong-Un's favourite book
Intercontinental Ballistic Hotels expand
Aleppo Atrocity Exhibition opens in Moscow, Damascus, New York & London
End Poverty Now... in Yemen!
Trump omits the words 'Under God' from his pledge of allegiance speech
Trump changes the pledge of allegiance to include Equality, Liberty and Justice for all
True or False? Future shock!
Trump becomes President & stands down 18months later
He's awarded a Nobel prize. Can you better these odds?
I've got a ladder and dynamite
Healthcare for the Medicare poor? More Body Shock News!
F**K!! Love Magazine's Advent Calendar 
All faces resist the mirrors of a stranger's eye. Sunglass sales rise
Me and you aka you and I let's get down to it and fuck forever
That's a Libertines song
Unless you put brakes on your brain
Glass ceiling breaks shattering the floor
Walls clog drains
Well, I look back now; I've got a smile on my f**king face
Next time it's Everything in it's Right Place by Radiohead
Because I'm a creep
Keeping the internet optimistic in a pessimistic age
America becomes the first country to run on renewable energy for a year?
I'll make it simple. One State each week...California could (that's one so far)
Excludes a mandatory two week holiday
Breaking Portugal's four day record
China's 23 provinces soon follow suit in 2023
England manages 24hrs - on a gusty day. Scotland all year round
If 2016 was a mirrored floor, 2017 is it's mirrored ceiling
Not everything is F**ked...


Monday, 2 January 2017

When Turner went to the Prize

new Arts minister

tied and tested
from a distance

caught beyond your control
a range of...


interlocking pupa...about to give birth

the new doorway - cheeky friend

Tate Britain Turner Prize 2016 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bob Dylan The Beaten Path

Black Buffalo Studios

He said "Listen up kid you think I'm only a musician? That I write lyrics for all these sinners and saints? Truth be told when I'm on the road I'm not alone, I've still got my band I've got my easel and paints. I've lived many a cold dark winter inside an old caboose I've still got time I've still got strength living between these wanderings learning to live like the caribou. 
      Don't expect a welcome don't expect a knock at your door you know my home travels on the rivers of discontent. I'm just passing through. I'll weld a giant Portal, I'll pull a gun shoot a bullet hole and call it art. Hell everyone shoots from the hip these days. I'm well-oiled, iron is in my bones. These are the mood swings of a beaten path a wide open frontier devoid of corporate modernity. Only then will you find noble art is within my nature and music my literary canon wheel..."