Friday, 20 January 2017

Everything is F****D part 2 : My Country 'tis of thee

Everything is f**ked (pop up exhibition CMR projectspace 24th Feb-26th)

A sign

Fake Freedom : There is no freedom...only if you want it (your choice)  

 the four freedoms

Fake News : There is no news..only new items for sale

four freedoms

 Fake Art : There is no art..only artifice and it's worth a lot

blind trust

Trust in braille/copy & refective acrylic

Fake Truth : There is no truth..only what lies beneath

paper weight

World paper weight/May 45' headline

Fake Empire : There is no Empire...only sometimes it strikes back

f*** the week

Fake Climate Change: There is no Climate change...only under Trump duly ignored

(Remember climate change won't kill you like guns would)

low hanging fruit

Fake Comedy : There is no comedy...only a world without laughter


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