Saturday, 24 October 2015

Threadneedle entry

I've entered wheelchair and hook up toward 2016's Threadneedle art comp...decisions will be finalised for 3D works by the end of November. Figurative art today

manual hook up

Wheelchair kid (Atos maximus)
*Update from 26th November (oh well..)
Thank You For Entering
Dear Artist,

Thank you for submitting work to this year's exhibition

Unfortunately, on this occasion your work was not pre-selected for the next stage of selection.

Success often depends on who is selecting and next year, with a different group of selectors, your chances of selection may be different. In the meantime, we hope you’ll visit the exhibition, which takes place at Mall Galleries between 3 and 20 February 2016.

Thank you for submitting to The Columbia Threadneedle Prize


The Mall Galleries team

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back to the Future day

 Now out of our Max Spielbergs' new holographic adventure

2015 The day of the future present

Look out for Jaws 20 in 2020 with a genetically mutant Jaws v Sharknado. Fast and furious!
Jaws the vision and legacy : 4D experience coming soon to San Diego

Dyson Airblade Hoverboards ? I'm a great fan of these..they go like the wind
Apple hoverboard? I stay connected on the net & I even pay for my groceries with this beauty
nintendo hoverboard? Lets you stay in control by using wii motion nanotechnology 
Lexus hoverboard..caution don't break it & spill liquid nitrogen (not recommended for the under 7's)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lander Gallery 17th - 31st October

Here's two artworks that never sold during the summer so I've put them in the Lander open show..



Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The River by Charles Sorley


He watched the river running black
Beneath the blacker sky;
It did not pause upon its track
Of silent instancy.
It did not hasten, nor was slack,
But still went gliding by.

It was so black. There was no wind
Its patience to defy.
It was not that the man had sinned,
Or that he wished to die.
Only the wide and silent tide
Went slowly sweeping by.

The mass of blackness moving down
Filled full of dreams the eye;
The lights of all the lighted town
Upon its breast did lie.
The tall black trees were upside down
In the river's phantasy.

He had an envy for its black
He felt impatiently the lack
Of that great law whereby
The river never travels back
But still goes gliding by;

But still goes gliding by, nor clings
To passing things that die,
Nor shows the secrets that it brings
From its strange source on high.
And he felt " We are two living things,
And the weaker one is I. "

He saw the town, that living stack
Piled up against the sky.
He saw the river running black
On, on and on: O, why
Could he not move along his track
With such consistency?

He had a yearning for the strength
That comes of unity:
The union of one soul at length
With its twin-soul to lie:
To be a part of one great strength
That moves and cannot die.
He watched the river running black
Beneath the blacker sky.
He pulled his coat about his back,
He did not strive nor cry.
He put his foot upon the track
That still went gliding by.

The thing that never travels back
Received him silently.
And there was left no shred, no wrack
To show the reason why:
Only the river running black
Beneath the blacker sky.

Charles Sorley..
Marlborough & other poems

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Last days at Maritime House Artspace

Had a swap around of some of the art and I'll be painting there from today until I take down on sunday evening (4th Oct)
weather girl, shoreline & ripple

Dylan, Jail Break & Viva Las Vegas!

St Mawes, rocks, White brim hat & St Ives

art wall

pillar to post

So close, I may be tempted...
Maritime Art Space (below Pizza Express)
Eat out Art in Falmouth

New Autumn art at Trelissick Gallery

Helford storm

Lone cloud

a break in the weather

National Trust Trelissick Gallery