Saturday, 2 June 2018

250th Royal Academy Exhibition

12th June - 19th August

My entry 'The Inspectors : Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un inspecting Lady Gaga's Homage to Duchamp Urinal' aka Taking the Peace has been chosen to be exhibited at years Royal Academy Exhibition 2018

'The Inspectors'
oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm
Summer Exhibition 2018 Coordinator
Grayson Perry
Fellow artists! 2018 marks the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy, so the Summer Exhibition will celebrate a quarter of a millennium of artistic innovation. As coordinator, I have decided that the theme of the show will be ‘Art Made Now’. I want to champion the democracy of the exhibition and show off the diversity of art being made in this moment, so I encourage you to submit works that you have made in 2017/18. I am also planning a special ‘Room of Fun’ in a newly built part of the Academy, so the committee may well look favourably on artworks that we find amusing.”

Selection and Hanging Committee 2018

Phyllida Barlow, Piers Gough, Allen Jones, David Mach, Humphrey Ocean, Chris Orr, Cornelia Parker, Tom Phillips, Conrad Shawcross and Emma Stibbon.

Lady Gaga's Homage to Duchamp

Everything you need to know about this years RA Exhibition