Saturday, 29 August 2015


Mardi Gras City Blues

Sweeping her hair from side to side
Causing all the traffic to subside
She was carrying with her some objectives
Some of which I couldn’t find
They were stolen from her secret safe house
Looted somewhere in downtown New Orleans
But I couldn’t get there
Because she was under ten foot of water
And the Blues man needed some air

The youngster with a master plan
Was looking for a way out of this place
So he drove a busload of people
Away from that hot vapour less state
In Houston they didn’t exactly welcome him with open arms
Cos’ he tried too hard to be himself
And the media woman poured scorn on his actions
But me, well hell I thought he did just fine
And if I could recount that time in the future
I’d tell you about the heroes that were left behind
Forgotten and waylaid by the barrel of a gun

Fished out from their bloated minds were the corporate fixers
On their watch they never put a foot wrong
They’ll keep the levee bills awaiting
Until the heavens broke up their sunken sorry hides
Out of their heads they kept relaying the message to the organ grinders son
But he was too preoccupied drowning other peoples business elsewhere to notice
She was coming home in the Superdome

Down in the lower ninth
The blind man stepped out in front of the cameras
Avoiding all pleasantries
And said it was all just another late night show
Abandoning all the outsiders
Leaving the poor to roll out their lives
While the cops were on the outer reaches
Making sure they’d be the first ones to swap sides
The National Guard were busy taking out
Home grown sons of their own

At a loose end, unable to afford to economise
Brothers and sisters When you ain’t got nothin'
And your backs against the wall
You’ll find sanctuary
Away from this worlds customised normality
Cos’ in times like these
You know the music never dies
And that’s why the Jazzman still sings
The Queen of the Blues
As the Ragtime bright men sit tight in the night, waiting 
Waiting for the Kings of Swing to return

when there's..trouble in the lowlands 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Penwith Gallery, Waterside St Ives & The Poly in August

After taking down the artworks from Evocation on Sunday I dropped in with a couple of paintings to Waterside gallery on a very sunny Monday in St. Ives. Viewing the Penwith Affordable show and then the Poly show in Falmouth...all for £10 Ride Cornwall day tickets. Cheaper than going by car apparently - although you miss out on delays by cattle on the line and excludes the cost of an egg & bacon bap, cups of tea, fish n' chips & Plymouth owned bus services that do not adhere to Ride Cornwall tickets. If you want to spend more than an hour in each place I wouldn't recommend this itinerary...

RCPS aka The Poly summer show 

Affordable Penwith : bottom right original oil

Penwith : In the middle of Roy Goodman (left) Jason Lilley (right)

Art corner

new summer son on the rocks

Waterside interior
Sunny St Ives

...I will take a packed lunch next time

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Passion for Freedom art entry

Here's two paintings I've entered towards this years Passion for Freedom. Should hear by early September if likely to be shown at the Mall Galleries..

 painted on copper plate

through a glass darkly
Update..7th Passion for Freedom competition results as of August 31st

Dear Artist,

Thank you for your recent application in response to the 7th Edition of Passion for Freedom London Art Competition.

We have received large amount of art works of highest quality and Jury has spent long time assessing each submission in depth to arrive at our shortlist.  Unfortunately, I regret to advise you that your artwork has not been shortlisted.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Poly summer show invite

I will be having four artworks on show..

clymene, summer shower, beach steps and st mawes

Friday, 7 August 2015

Evocation portrait exhibition

Maritime Artspace Falmouth - opening Friday 7th August @7pm (Pizza Express Ground Floor)

Alongside Portrait Artist Helen Garnett & Anne Whetter

 Donna - BP Portrait Award Entry 2010
Available as a print on from £89 (A08727)
Charing Cross tube station September 2011

Jean Seberg - so short the kiss...

Lennon & Guy
LENNON Cloud 9 - Available from the poster shop at (A09954)
St John's Wood underground station (February 2013)
From £89 and also as a giclee print from £125

GUY - 2007 BP portrait award entry
Amy & Dylan
Giclee Ltd Ed prints available to purchase via @ £125 each

Penwith gallery Affordable August invite

I have a couple of small seascape paintings available to purchase..

Saturday, 1 August 2015

new portrait exhibition

Helen Garnett
Anne Whetter

For the artist it is creation by expression; for the appreciator it is creation by evocation.