Sunday, 17 January 2016

David Bowie Blackstar

where are we now... Oxfordmail coverage including the famous Town Hall picture

Fashion : Bowie, Damon & Francois Hardy... beautiful

Requiem for a laughing Nun - by Rafter Held :)

this is ground control to Major Tom - tell him we love him; he knows...

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Artwork I did at the Maritime Artspace falmouth

towards helford

orange moon 
red boat fal harbour 
rain and shine 
mounts bay 
camel estuary 
surfer 1 
st ives 
sketch II 

sunset surfer 
 summer figure
A few of these will be with Trelissick National Trust gardens from the 20th of January.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Indiana Jones five

Indiana Jones six really..but this is not 1996 with the Monkey King at the centre of the story. Thankfully every six years there's a new Indy film so I doubt if I'm treading on anyone's toes as far as MacGuffins 2017 sixth time lucky.

Indiana Jones and the CITADEL OF THE JADE EMPEROR aka The Citadel of Fear or ?

Not to be confused with  previous post dated 18/12  & NYE which refers to a Pyramid of Fear..that was once the Sherlock Holmes film title taken from 1986 - better change Indiana Jones and the Curse..Wrath..Realm of the African Queen

  From the TV series young Indiana Jones chronicles & all that jazz
 INDIANA JONES and the THE CITADEL OF FEAR or THE CITADEL of the JADE  EMPEROR aka THE HANDS OF GLORY by David Axtell from original character creations  by George  Lucas...mainly Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Mutt...etc

        EXTERIOR – DAY

        We see the familiar Paramount logo fading onto a Mountain brass plate hung
        on a stall rack. It is Market day. A sunny afternoon people are going about their 
        business. Children are helping to put out fruit and vegetables. Various stall holders 
        are showing their wares.

         And the title fades in - GUERNICA SPAIN 1937   

       Leaning against a pillar we see INDIANA JONES silhouetted against the afternoon sun
       in a warm glow. Children run across his path and catch a glimpse of this new stranger
       to their town. He casts a long shadow as he begins to walk across the square.

         A figure in a side entrance waves to Indy gesturing him to follow.

                                                      LOCAL CONTACT

                          Hi Senor, this way..come, come                                 

          Indy walks with him toward a back alley to a safe house. Another man is waiting and
        gives them the all clear. The householder shakes Indy’s hand. The mother ushers out the
        children and the two men sit down.

                                                      CACHI DOMINGO

                          A little wine?  


                                                      CACHI DOMINGO

                          Your reputation precedes you. You made us a generous offer
                          – your gift will be most helpful in our cause against Franco. 


                          Anything to help you and your Brigade Cachi.

                                                      CACHI DOMINGO

                          The Internationals are a blessing to us. Mr O’Rourke here is a man
                          whom I owe my life to.  

                                                  BRENDAN O’ ROURKE

                          Afternoon Indiana..fortune and glory brings us together once more.


                          Good to see you too O’Rourke. Still the rebel eh.

                                                  BRENDAN O’ROURKE

                          Well, you know there’s plenty of us around. Someone’s got to
                          put the boot into Fascism. I’m here to put a little light back into
                          these dark times.

Cachi eats a few olives and offers them over he makes a connection with the desperate
state of the country.

                                                      CACHI DOMINGO

                          Even the olives bleed. There are many brave men and women who’s
                          lives will prevail. Franco’s sound and the fury will be his death nell. 
                                                 BRENDAN O’ROURKE

                          I’ll drink to that.


                          Likewise. The offer still stands?

                                                      CACHI DOMINGO

                          Yes, of course…ah here we are. 

  Cachi Domingo opens a secure metal box to reveal a well worn map.

                                                       CACHI DOMINGO

                          In my hands Dr. Jones is the 400 year old map of the Conquistador
                          Franscisco Martin the sole survivor of Captain Vascunas legendary 
                          ill fated expedition.
                          Twenty five of his men perished in the forests of Venezuela. At stake
                          was their plunder of Gold - twelve pounds per man! After six months
                          they were growing weaker and weaker from starvation and were ill
                          equipped against the Indians. Their horde of Gold was becoming an
                          intolerable burden.
                          Lost and abandoned they were reduced to eating their horses and dogs.
                          Eventually reverting to cannibalism to stay alive. Even in this desperate
                          hour as Vascuna’s men were dying they were still obsessed with the gold.
                          They spent their last remaining strength burying it under a towering tree
                          on the near banks of Lake Maracaibo. Only one man survived to tell the 
                          Franscisco saved himself by floating away down stream and aided by some
                          friendly Indians he was sold to another tribe and had to turn native to survive.
                          He was not heard of or seen again until a full year later.    

                          Many people have tried and failed to find Vascuna’s Gold. With this map
                          Dr Jones YOU will become the saviour of these riches.

 Indy holds the fragile parchment in his hands and Cachi goes to retrieve a cloth bound object
       from behind a clome oven.  Cachi unravels the cloth to reveal a GOLDEN EAGLE.

                                                        CACHI DOMINGO

                         Exquisite isn’t it? Such craftsmanship. A small taster for sure of the
                         harvest you will no doubt reap.
                         You find the gold Dr Jones and the hand of glory will be yours.

                         A good sign I hope  –  (he holds the Golden Eagle in his hands and is in
                         awe of it’s beauty as it gleams in the sunlight)

                          Well today is as good a day as any …

 O’Rourke lights up a cigar. (He owns a lighter with a shamrock emblem) Indy is too
 enthralled by the objects in his hands to notice. Cachi pours out more wine for everyone…


                           Let us make a toast – to freedom  

   All three raise their glasses
                             To free....d….o....m…..

              Suddenly a mighty blast rips the room apart. There is debris everywhere and smoke filled
              air. Indy is thrown into the oven area. Cachi is dead. O’Rourke looks unconscious. Indy
              struggles to hear after the deafening roar of the blast. With a bloodied nose and cut hands
              Indy is disorientated  and stumbles out of the wreckage to witness utter DEVASTATION.


              People are screaming in the street – people crying over loved ones. A plane drops more
              bombs onto the town. Indy reaches for this pistol and fires wildly into the air at
              the approaching Luftwaffe planes. Utter disbelief and anger is raging inside Indy.

             Another nearby building is on fire – he splashes water onto his face from the
             market square fountain. (The water is discoloured red) He searches through the
             debris and he can see there are not many survivors then he hears a BABY CRYING.
                                                Oh Jesus…

                  Regaining his composure he is determined to rescue the baby. Indy rushes
                  passed collapsing houses as bombs rain down cars are blown sky high. He
                  dives to the ground  to avoid the hurtling vehicle just as a chimney stack
                  begins to crumble and fall Indy throws himself forwards and rolls to the
                  right as it narrowly misses him. He is covered in brick dust.

                        INTERIOR – Bombed house – Day

                    INDY clambers up the stairwell and is confronted by the fact that half the
                    house is missing. O’Rourke has made it into the Square and is limping from
                    a broken leg. He is desperately trying to help coax more people away from
                    the houses.

                                                O’Rourke get these people out of here
                     Indy can see that the floor is unstable and as he leaps across the divide the
                     stairs fall away just as he makes the jump and uses his whip to hang on for
                     dear life to the stairwell newel post. The cot is now teetering on the edge
                     of the floor. He has to run down a hall that is fast disappearing from the
                     flames and the destruction. Tiles and wooden beams begin to fall all around
                     Indy….there is a  lot of dust and debris.
                     The flames are reaching closer and closer – Indy grabs hold of the crying
                     baby and wraps the baby up with a cot blanket just as the rest of the
                     building begins to collapse. O’Rourke is below beckoning Indy to throw
                     him the baby.

                     Indy has to make a life or death decision and makes a jump for it….

                                                         22 YEARS LATER



      Indy wakes up with a start. 

                                                     MARION JONES

                              Honey are you okay? (Marion is trying to soothe him)


                              Yeah, it’s just….


                              .. a bad dream ? You wanna talk about it?


                              I need a drink. 

       Indy gets up and goes downstairs to recover – gets a whisky from the drinks cabinet
       and goes into his study…he pulls open a drawer and turns over a package to reveal
       the golden Eagle and the old Vascuna map. (He is still keen to take the adventure..)
           There is also a letter he retrieves…he closes the desk drawer and reads through the
       contents of the letter. He sips his drink as Marion watches from the door.


                              Guess we’ve still got a lot of catching up to do….

        THE LETTER                                       
        It’s from a young woman called SANDY. Her Father a good friend of Indy from his
        Oxford days has gone missing. It is BRENDAN O’ROURKE. Sandy is the BABY orphan
        Indy rescued from the wreckage of the bombed building in Guernica over twenty years ago.

        Sandy is studying Philosophy, Art and Archaeology in Oxford. A pretty red head. She is an
        athletic woman, a keen archer and horse rider. Indy and Marion must make a journey to
        Oxford to meet her. 
        STORY OUTLINE..and a few extracts of the PLOT

       O’Rourke has been missing ever since he ventured out to Toledo Spain where he was sent
       to investigate the Spanish towns famous Sword smith tradition en route to a pilgrimage to  
       SANTIAGO de COMPESTALA. (He has given a map to his adopted daughter.) She was
       also helping him through her work on a field study with the  Oxford Archaeological Society.
       Researching in the Bodlein library the whereabouts to another Christian relic.
       Sandy shows Indy the map of ‘THE END OF THE WORLD’ map that shows where the
       sacred HAND OF GLORY is to be found. One of the relics of the Roman Centurian 
       (St Longinus) who handled the SPEAR OF DESTINY – the one that pierced Christ on
       the cross. 

       But this is not what the captors are after...

       O'Rourke was trying to locate a MARCO POLO map locating a LEGENDARY JADE
       EMPEROR. Taken from clues found in the Cathedral of Toledo. But the missing pieces
       of the map are to be found in Oxford.

       Both the Chinese and Russians are on the same trail. They are looking to get their own
       HAND of GLORY to open up the TOMB OF THE JADE EMPEROR which is located
       in one of the PAGODA's of PAGAN Burma. The Jade Emperor is also known as THE
       GOD OF WAR. Buried with a suit made of Jade. A material they believe preserves the
       body forever and gives everlasting powers. A worthy bit of kit for CHAIRMAN MAO
       A Chinese explorer XIAN WU is on their trail.
       The North Koreans want to obtain the Jade Emperor for the Korean President Kim II-Song.
       Believing it will make him all conquering. Every despot seems keen..


       Indy Marion and Mutt are treated as guest of Honour by the University. Indy is told an
       ancient Samurai sword has been stolen from the University said to belong to the
       Emporer Guan Yu. (From the Three Han Dynasty Kingdoms) O' Rourke was helping
       with their antiquities.

       Mutt locates the ancient MARCO POLO map beneath the vaults of the Museum of the
       history of Science. (The original old Ashmolean Museum) Depicting the whereabouts
       of the ancient Emperor.
       Lost for hundreds of years from when the museum was first built. The map is 15th Century
       made with folded and lacquered bamboo pleats depicting the LEGEND OF THE JADE

       There is a SUNDIAL located in one of the college quadrangles which gives a clue to the
       whereabouts of the tomb. Atop the sundial is a MYTHICAL HINTHA bird. (Built with
       the knowledge given by the explorer to the original college architect)

        Whilst in Oxford, assassins try to take back the incomplete map and Mutt is lured into
        a trap by a beautiful chinese student. Sandy is having nothing of this, demanding much
        of Mutt's attention - eventually falling for each other they have the beginnings of an
        eventful relationship.

        The Chinese State circus is in town and the Oxford University have their suspicions that
        Communist spies are infiltrating the Oxford students and are using the circus as a cover.
        When Indy, Mutt and Sandy investigate the Circus there is a knife throwing show with
        a MONKEY KING re-enactment...the knife throwing show does not go according to plan.

        O’Rourke is being held prisoner by a french man who is working for the Russians. Marion
        spots a familiar captors wine bottle whilst in Oxford.

       The owner who holds O'Rourke captive is BELLOQ's son JEAN SUEREL BELLOQ. He
       wants to get to the JADE EMPERORS TOMB first. Jean also had a twin sister CAMILLE!

       They both want revenge for their father's death...

el Greco Toledo
       When Indy, Marion, Mutt and Sandy reach the CITADEL of TOLEDO in Spain they find clues
       in the CATHEDRAL and in the religious paintings of EL GRECO. Fresco depictions show
       the HOLY GRAIL. Mutt asks if it is the real CUP of CHRIST and Indy responds positively!
       Mutt is very much interested in the sword making facilities of Toledo. Soon they discover
       that O'Rourke has been taken to Burma...

        NEPAL - TIBET

       On the way to the Pagoda's of Pagan Burma. A Buddhist Temple has  been ransacked –
       their HAND OF GLORY a GOLDEN HAND with a LIGHTNING BOLT had been stolen.
       Here they witness the monks by the prayer wheels and the beautiful Khampa women.
       Also Indy must overpower Ninja's and Samurai swordsmen who are hell bent on causing
       havoc where ever he goes...Mutt steps in with his swordmanship. 

hand of glory
         Marion and Indy recount their last encounter near Nepal (1936)


        There are over 2,000 Pagoda's to search and it is only a matter of time before either the
        Chinese or Russians locate the tomb.

        Within the Temples terra cotta plaques illustrate the life of Buddha. Many of these Pagoda's
        have been ransacked over the centuries of precious metals, jewellery and sacred relics.
        There are traps set in the Temple to protect the Emperor. The Jade Emperor is guarded by
        an undead terracotta army..they will not let his tomb go peacefully. No-one can go beyond
        the sacred Pagoda. Indy is shot and Mutt uses the Jade vest to bring back Indy to life.

        They travel by Steamer up the IRAWADDY RIVER. It had been a decade since the British
        ruled this part of the world. They watch an animal drink from the river which gets pulled
        down below the water line.


                                              Careful, don't go near the water



          They meet with a local Buddhist monk U NAGAR JIN confirms that the Chinese are
          also in Burma. (Branching out of their sphere of influence through Tibet and Bhutan)
         However without the MARCO POLO map and clues they found in Oxford. Only Indy,
         Mutt, Marion and Sandy know the true location of the Jade Emperor. Jean and Camille
         BELLOQ and the Russians are looking in the wrong place...


       Indiana Jones (1937 title sequence) - CGI 30's period Harrison Ford
       Brendan O'Rourke (1937 title sequence) – Domhnall Gleeson
       Cachi Domingo (1937 title sequence) - Michael Pena

       Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford
       Marion - Karen Allen
       Mutt - Shia La Beouff
       Sandy - Eleanor Tomlinson
       Brendan O'Rourke  - Brendan Gleeson
       Jean Suerel Belloq - Tom Hiddleston
       Camille Belloq - Emily Blunt
       Xian Wu - Simon Yam
         Mutt and Sandy now own The End of the World map to obtain the whereabouts of the
        Centurian's Hand of Glory.
        And Vascuna's Gold is up for grabs too. Indy had it in mind as one last venture before
        he hangs up his whip...not before he goes missing in Venezuela. 

        INDY 7 INDIANA JONES and the QUEST for the SPEAR of DESTINY 

        Indy & Mutt take on the new challenges...whilst in Madagascar Mutt and Sandy 
        discover not only a sapphire mine but Indy discovers some of Madagascars' supposed
        'extinct' animals are very much alive! Such as The Elephant Bird...
        Dalfinger's son BAPTISTE (Daniel Bruhl) is on their trail.
        As a crazy genetic scientist DR. KURT GEIGER (Christoph Waltz) is spearheading
        the quest to form his own MYSTERIOUS ISLAND he was involved in nuclear testing
        at Bikini atoll. And wants the SPEAR OF DESTINY to not only carbon date but re-create
        it's atomic structure as an ultimate weapon. To be cont...

        note - the 1937 year always was the missing year of the first trilogy
        Cachi Domingo means peaceful Sunday 

        I once had a pet called Sandy...