Friday, 1 July 2016

Coldplay up and up

GET IT TOGETHER...unlike the England Football Team.

Never give up on hope...somehow. Who's got the answers, singing in the rain, put two and two together, ignoring others pain, living in a high rise, sleeping on the floor, who's mowing the meadow, listen to woeful echoes, tell it to a clown, who wears the crown, arise with impunity, cut down with scrutiny, receive what you give, put money in a sieve, put back what you take, eat from an austerity plate, drive a fast car, get drunk in a bar, reflect on a mirror, see a hollow cheer, slow down your thoughts, appeal in the courts, drown in others sorrows, pour holes in tomorrows, revolt for insanity, rebel for solidarity, vote for self-determination, deal with consternation, steal from the poor, exit through a fire door, race for banality, divide by personality, share what you gain, keep what you've got, accept more of the same, stand up for a moment, see a nation broken, buy the same token, fall to the moon, dig in with a spoon, push and pull, on and on...up & up