Tuesday, 29 September 2015

when, all that matters is you and everyone

I stood on the precipice when I was young
as a thousand years passed in front of my eyes

thrown down mountains and upturned oceans
suffocated my cries

but you'll never make me lose my love
this world still conjures a dream

I can see clearly now from my iron lung
when, all that matters is you and everyone

and if you tied me to the stake
there's no time for excuses
with the devil on the rack
Titanic sinks the ground he takes
will forever be lost to the skies
and if the fruits of our labours
turn out to be only hallucinations
you know we're in God's pocket
a misspent youth
living like a rocket
on a world coming down

tears from the sun
light up our constellations
with only a tightrope
to walk between the mapping of our lives
open up the doors 
give us another chance
cos who's there to trust
if our hands are only full of dust

pray they'll be no reaper man today


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The last day(s) of summer

                           while we dance with the devil hold on don't say a word hold on
                           we see a storm closing in...


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Exhibition of paintings at The Tube station Polzeath

Exhibition runs until 30th October 
summer son on rocks 1mx1m

on high

keeping warm on the rocks

original postcard

a room with a view


stepper point

TV pics

stove art
Great place for a cuppa tea and bagel...


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cities of Gods

I took a drive to the City of Gods
Where an angel took me by the hand
Told me not to bury this life in the sand
So I set sail to the Isle of Dogs...

The doors were locked the windows closed
Who said the way to kiss was on the nose ?
I met a lonely girl standing there
Holding up the Bridge of Sighs
No-one heard her cries
A man kicked me back with a pack of lies 

Train tracks led me nowhere safe
Cities of Gods stopped and stared  
As the world led a paper chase 
This is a strange day..tails you fall
Everyone wags their finger forever more

In this morning down on love
Who will come and save the children ?
Woe betide the lollipop man
And the dinner ladies dressed up for the town
This is not the time to lose our crown

Live and let live my Mother said
My Grandfather said it's good to be free
Now I'm in my Father's shoes

How else can I sing the blues ?

I cycled on to Somers town
Forgot to take the message down
The one they hung on poor Charlie Brown

He lives in a caravan on Cinder road
Full to the brim with fools gold
He told me tales of old 
Ones only the world could sow

And I see everyone's plight
Both day and night

And I never ask, I never play
I never hurt anyone...yesterday


Saturday, 19 September 2015

St Ives Festival Rotary Art Sale Porthmeor studios

Here's my postcard entry for this years Rotary sale - Spot the Artist

20th September Sales day

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Big Draw : Walking into memory

The title Walking into Memory evokes wider connections involving memory such as trace, vestige, remains, remnant, relic, evocation, recollection, remembrance, home and belonging.
Walking into Memory takes place prior to the house undergoing a substantial architectural renovation and therefore the artistic interventions and interpretations are destined to be absorbed into the memories and history of the house.
The house will become an exhibition space open to the public on 19th and 20th September 2015 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Exhibition at Maritime Gallery ArtSpace Falmouth 15th September - 4th October

Artwork in Pizza express..Falmouth 

shorelines entrance

St Ives

side view

under stair


dough balls..for starters

                              Exhibition below Pizza Express runs until the 4th October

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Friday, 4 September 2015

Rogue Nation : Have I got (old) news for you

Finding the Earth Titanic : aka ET - A wreck below or a wreck above..?

Maybe when the nukes are nice and new?! Russia and Euro NATO zones building a future..quite literally like there's no tomorrow. Includes North Korea and South Korea spearheading the vital need to learn lessons from the 70th Anniversary of the use of atomic bombs...climate change is still a bit of a worry though

The Man from Atlantis..going..


gone..not quite yet

Why Russia holding onto Tartus Naval base & joining the EU is the best kept secret to help keep Greece in the Euro..

G7 Educating Putin :  Ghost protocol in Ukraine. 

I got given life lessons in war and never passed...

How to train your Edorgan

Toward a cynical ceasefire...

coo coo ca choo
...and a Safe Haven ?

Organ generics..stem cell research into freedoms

Dissidents tend to have the best of everything. Shame some people just want to steal...  

Stoporganharvesting.org (petition link to UN)

All known extracts will be regurgitated :  As for the facts ... I haven't a clue

Privately speaking just in case anyone else is listening in on the conversation by reading too much into this will no doubt cease all sense of comprehension and begin to devour, well you know what listening in was to eavesdropping long before anyone learnt how to mend their roof and repair the guttering...underneath the eaves.

For no stone should be left interred whilst there are leaves to be looked under and Turing trees to decipher. (My guttering is always blocked as I inferred earlier)

Pill-grims progress : robotic antibiotics (the less said about the flu jab the better)

The modern state of man is pretty grim so lots of people tend to infer. To stem such a flow one has to deduce that a mild form of pill taking is required to quell such a disorder of the civil masses. Swallowing ones pride has to be the most uncomfortable thing to take and is prescribed by nonchalant politicians and made up think tank quangos. Both require heavily sedated forms of gesticulation in time of re-election and appeasement.

To Ad or not to Add said the Adders at the Ad meeting of the Administrator of Advertising

I still believe advertising works.

Why do you think Advertisers want control of editorial content on opinionated newspapers..

Mostly to payback consultancy fees that have already been, I concur through our mill of advertising

it's a steal 
you can't confer with FIFA when it's petty (individuals) prevalent toward corruption. That's not cryptic by the way

with fanks 2 Lee & Perrin

Cash for questions is mostly updated nowadays to Cash instead of questions

Just listen to 'dirty cash (money talks)' by Stevie V

or in the case of Greece - money walks     

coda to load aka code of conduct by WHICH? guide to freedom(s)

All life is a code..DNA codes..JAVA codes....BINARY codes... Morse codes...I may not understand any of these codes .-..  --- ...- .  -.-- --- ..-   -- ..- --

Unfortunately I'm not very practical and I don't understand odes.

Once upon a time there was a story you could tell your kids, now there's no time left for bedtime stories when you read Baba-dook

I blew a bulb once..then I just used ultraviolet light to close the filament. Thank goodness someone measured it otherwise none of this would exist and I forgot my ruler. Then light grew

you can never untie ship shoes laced in knots

that's why I didn't even bother entering this years America's Cup.
1947 : We sow the seeds that scatter said Mr Kalashnikov who never ever went on Dragon's Den to invent the hoover instead, which sounded a lot like a better idea to create a vacuum.. ?!

I planted 880,000 poppies in Afghanistan and I tell you it's a racket...

But I can't play tennis. There's no grass...we won't talk 'bout Crystal Meth, that only exists on Breaking Bad

Instead I planted 1,000,000 trees..they gave life 

Career criminals of N. Korea : If you feel the love dance to loudhailers...and you think you had trouble with your noisy neighbours?

spot the ball : own goal
I think what you need to fire at North Korea is FOOD...they can't manipulate starvation. Unlike missiles (fingers crossed for a four minute joke)

I got stuck in a lift with a Gorilla once. He showed me the ropes and we climbed out of there

Freedom of choice is wonderful. I can now claim credit for my life being an endless succession of choices. If I only lived my life by the rule of thumb I'd be pretty dumb..but I can't talk. And that's saying something

Never forget 24,000 nuclear weapons & Page 3 of the Sun are offensive (irony)

Eritrea has a dictator and I'm livid I have to to pay a Diaspora tax charge..in the UK but not in Canada. And people still wonder why...

There's a Proxy War being fought in Syria. (The north/south divide..over oil revenues)

In the last hours of man he still forgot to tell the right time..and he was late

All faults lie in man..that's why God invented liars. He also made man stupid - because he chose to

No-one answered the door and still no-one answered..no-one was there

THE WISE MEN OF GOTHAM : those that build a fence for birds that want to fly free...includes walls, tyranny, repression..exactly where is Batman ?

Cameron : Crisis? What crisis?
Oxfam.org syria crisis

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bristol RWA 163rd Annual Open Exhibition

RWA Art entry : Here's my sea shore series and the wheelchair assemblage (early September for the RWA pre-selection results and finalists chosen on the 20th)

seashore series
Wheelchair : Atos Maximus

Thank you for entering this year’s Annual Open Exhibition. 

Please find your results below.

Shoreline series Not Selected
wheelchair : atos maximus Not Selected

If 1 or more of your works has not been selected we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for submitting work to the exhibition. The standard of work has been extremely high and we have received over 2500 entries.

We hope that you take the opportunity to visit the exhibition and wish you success with future submissions.

(As standard - darn)