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Rogue Nation : Have I got (old) News for you too

Is there life on Mars? No.
Is there Life on other planets...? Yep. They'll have oil, gold, an adverse climate, environmental diversity, endangered species most likely a few belief least we'll have something in common. Lucky us. If they don't have Rock n' Roll I won't be that interested. 
antony gormley 
DOPEY DOPES aka Old guys rule :
It's all gone to pot...Blatter on a platter as Sepp t 'embers ash falls - includes Russia in IAAF
Well at least as much fuss has been given to the banks..I think RBS owes the tax payer a few quid  but at lease PPI refunds are worth quite a lot

Peace for Beirut : Haidar's story
GCHQ likes Nosey Smurf, Gumfish & Foggybottom which are not kids TV programmes but ones to find out what the kids are saying in the Trumpton internet la de la la land
A day was unlike any other day until it was Faraday
And lo' the Lord said let their be light and it was a good light it was a 60 watt bulb
The prophet had a vision and quickly set about to work and made it into an 11 watt energy saving bulb.. to be cont
I wept on all souls of man - one shoe size fits all, please take my sole to be mended  
In life only the unknowable mystery is unknowable so I was satisfied and became a scientologist. Not really. Don't be stupid I'd need to be a multi-millionaire first. You don't think Tom Cruise would want to be with us poor people do you? ! Stop kidding yourselves...I can't wait to see MI5. They are knocking on my door as we speak..
Oh hi GCHQ....yes Cheltenham is nice
It was here down in the mountain that all of the people came from far and wide to view
because not much else was happening up there in the valley
Peace for Ankara 
Executive power breach Erdogan's gone over the hill dancing with the devil's dandy dogs. 
murderous state(s)
Biff for president aka Trump Towers..over a golf course in Scotland
Back to the Future II when the alternate 1985 is kind of much more like the 2015 we know of today & the techno future is on a menu...if only I could find paper rolls to put in my old fax machine...likes tobasco sauce..age 37 ..favourite food dingbat soup..likes wearing ear muffs. Politics..none Updates : Ad nauseam
So you want to be free...

Joining Labour for £3 is cheap but not as cheap as creating 200 new Conservative Lords
Labour is like from 1981 with soon to be seen re-runs of a popular 70's show. An austerity mirror of the Conservative govt policy of today which is deluded to think it is progressive and harks back to a time that ain't here no more with a straight talking leader of a Labour party that now only exists in the London boroughs whilst Cameron sells off Britain to the Chinese and our STEEL industry gets a lethal injection...cos we need cheaper energy bills - um hence the nuclear power deal I guess with  no design flaws whatsoever with tonnes of cheap imported steel to build 200,000 cheap houses (this has been a number paraded around since 2010 and anyway they're all glass & steal these days aren't they. Worth about £400,000 each) hurry whilst stocks last. At least beards are fashionable ....beware the putsch I mean Harold Wilson 74' coup (de grace)

Globalisation : Ay up..wot no power to the people..? ooh foxy
           Humanitarian day one : The Saudi UN chair...and air conditioned tents for refugees 

I would let you buy shares in my houses but in Dubai I can get better hair conditioning
London the new Dubai ? But without the sun. Qatar paid for the Shard and now we have to view to help pay for it..? Ironically that's why it was built really high it's still worth a look on google though
DNA : Remember when Dolly the sheep was cloned and it was baaaad then that mouse had an ear grown on it eeeek! Exactly why are we doing this again? Cloning is such a mammoth undertaking..a bit like cloning a mammoth which is just a ploy...there's no arctic to tred soon only China wanting to dig up and carve the ivory tusks. What a waste of time...carving that one up. You can keep your dodgy quack medicines. I'm off to shoot lions in's okay I'm just gonna use a camera and photograph all of Cecil's dead cubs
Peace for Bamako
One way of saving endangered animals from extinction give em all pet names
Liberty Freedom Equality Unity Justice Reason & Security (with 10 years of shared intel)
If Apple had been targeted by terrorists would people have held up a 'I am Apple' placard..? So you think some people would of said 'I am not Apple', 'I am Samsung' or 'I'm a Pear' how about 'I want to be an Orange' ?' What about Granny Smiths!? I mean how many varieties of apple and fruit is out there!?
HD TV Humanitarian Day two - another one for the courts

NY times : typo error
Doctors without borders..not without hospitals. The mother of all criminal fcuk ups. The US military Invading the waiting rooms for a new generation of Drones...

obama care
VW mash up : Bishop to Catholic Pawn four, other major car firms not included (yet)
we always knew of it..we made it happen..but we kept it quiet because someone of authority thought they are above the law and any perpetrators are malicious & vindictive to the climate yet are responsibly fully comp'd. As child asthma attacks increase grooming decent cars are off the road in America. At least it offset a carbon footprint from coal fired power stations in China & India. As for 250,000 people killed on Chinese and Indian roads each year...we are now At War with Cars.

    For the love of oil : Car fumes are so safe now we all suck on Hyundai exhaust pipes 

best buddies at the bar (not in a legal sense)
AIIB : Thankfully over excessive use of antibiotics in Chinese livestock prevents bird flu
Xi Jinping drink up on our hops mate! The road is long on improving human rights and well we all know about political pollution... ever since about the 1960's or was it the 1950's..otherwise we may as well arrest a former Tiananmen square protester on the streets of London. As for the opium wars I never learnt that at school cos it's about drugs and that and that's bad but I know Sherlock Holmes visited an opium den once upon a time. Call me ignorant but is the british govt investing in Brics so that it can bring our rail expertise to China...? It only took George Osborne 40 seconds to get on board. Did he board the wrong train..of thought. Or is it one train worth missing?
Adam Pendleton : matter of fact 
Peace for Chicago:  laying the wreath on segregation DISARM CHICAGO ?
A thousand people were getting shot before the summer was half way in.! Isn't there a better target? Like not reaching 'one' ?! Brainwashed Americans & Guns aka BAG. Buy your gun and get a free body bag...make money from the fear of fearing fellow Americans (because they have weapons of war) oh and traffic violations. Hands up don't shoot..16 times or 6 in a Louisiana kid. (Peace for Umpqua community college)

Ivan Chermayeff : don't bite the hand that feeds you..guns
     GOOD NEWS : Top bloke ROBERT SMITH...offering an education to Nigerian girls

 John&Yoko day : Love & Peace for THE WORLD  
There is no place in a Democracy for traitors to Liberty : discuss
Everyone wanted to share in a peace of a nation and then everyone had a peace of the pie
seriously my boobs are a big problem
Peace for Russia : MH17 to Nemstov

In a wine cellar somewhere in Crimea. Now I think it's called...political expediency

Putin : Thankfully we can raise a 250 year old toast here and not is Saudi. Did you hear a brits getting 350 lashes for making homemade wine - it's so bitter sweet
Berlusconi : Italian wine is much better
Putin : The UK just bought a Nuclear power station from China..they should have bought Russian
Berlusconi: Erm..maybe not, remember Chernobyl?
Putin : Doesn't count.. 
Berlusconi: Why? Because it's in Ukraine?
Putin: Hold on what am I saying...this centuries old wine is strong
Berlusconi: Shall we try Prosseco it's cheaper
Putin: I'm forgetting I'm using separatists to bond the separation. The Minsk protocol ceasefire helps otherwise I'd have right wing Nazi rebel groups to deal with instead of Islamic extremists
Berlusconi: Well, at least Ukraine one day can help pay to keep Greece in the euro
Putin: And enjoy refugees at the iron gates of hell...
Berlusconi: Not in America obviously
Putin : No comment.
Berlusconi : There's more guns in America than Syria. It's a proven fact..or statistic. All manufactured guns and sales in the US come with a unique serial number and are all accounted for by law abiding citizens verified by the authorities who have well trained policemen carrying weapons..who also have a healthy BMR ratio
Putin : People would fear refugees owning guns in the US...  
Berlusconi: BB guns are safer. And there's no 4G in Slovenia.. 
Putin: I may take back Hungary. I'm surrounded by buffer zones.. 
Berlusconi: Buffering in progress..haha I like that joke. Do you have an iphone 6s too? Who are you entering in the eurovision song contest? And whatever happened to Gorbachev ?
Putin: I am ignoring you..let us raise a toast to Catherine the Great and let us not forget... 
Berlusconi: Caspian sea cruise missiles flying above our heads?
Putin: It's called a crowded skies policy. They costs a lot of money you know.. 
Berlusconi: Any collateral damage?
Putin: No. Some bombs don't even reach their targets 
Berlusconi: This isn't Iran...
Putin: I know that, we're in Crimea 
Berlusconi:  I'm soo pleased I'm on holiday with you. 
Putin: At least we saved Damascus..Assad will come on holiday soon to Russia 
Berlusconi: I'm jealous..but I still love you Putey.
Putin: The US had their chance to make another Greenzone 
Berlusconi: Are you coming with me to Rio in 2016?
Putin: I'm ignoring your Brazilia question. Either way they'll think we're gonna start WW3 
Berlusconi: Technically it already has been for ten years but no-one wants to admit it. Only if Cameron joins in the melee..
Putin : Who?
Berlusconi: It's going to be his Christmas present to daesh which will be ironic
Putin: I do not understand irony
Berlusconi: He secured everlasting peace in Libya. Remember it's part of The War Against Terror aka T.W.A.T
Putin: They can call my bluff..I've got a new UN resolution
Berlusconi: Not to fly over Turkey? It's called a happy slap by Erdogan. He gave one to Syria in March 2014 after Syria shot down a Turkish jet in 2012 aka a turkey shoot tit for tat
Putin: We will never give the terrorists what they want
Berlusconi: A Unity of Nations..? Prejudice? A proxy war between Sonny and Cher ?
Putin: I agree music is a contentious issue. We are professionals..remember Chechnya.
Berlusconi: Brill. And Iraq! What could go wrong? Does that mean Saudi, Jordan, UAE, Qatar and Egypt will help out?
Putin: No they are too busy bombing Yemen...We want four months of bombing and then we'll clean up with Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian troops..I'm ignorant what support from UAE, Saudi and Turkey will do to the opposition 
Berlusconi: I think it's called let's face the music and dance.
Putin: Ha. Got you it will be divided East and West     
Berlusconi: You know I never was interested in politics...I was just in it for the perks of the job
Putin: Ha ha also like me. I just award myself new's easy
Berlusconi: Oh well, who'd of thought religion would be used as a front in a war ?
Putin: I don't believe would dare trade with a Salafist state under the rule of Sharia law
Berlusconi: Well thank God I have faith in you..I think
Putin: How's the double bed shaping up by the way? 
Berlusconi: You can try it out with me if you'd like? We could play Hucky puck with Mr Leslin
Putin: BUK off!
bosom pals
On the lash : you couldn't make this future up - but it helps 
Breaking news update beware flash photography - the brit in saudi is saved from bat for but not from a year in jail. Which means pilots shooting up a Yemeni refugee camp gets...? 
Where do you think the refugee smugglers boat money goes?  I'm so drunk right now I don't even understand what I'm saying...

clock this : viral invented intended invention
Wot a pencil case! This was found in George Osborne's autumn dispatch box aka An intended invented U-turn
I might as well get arrested for setting off an alarm in class from a bit of old circuitry board from a Ladybird instruction book..and suing the govt. Knee jerk American cops are weird..unless they pull guns out on kids playing snowball fights. I wish I could have made as much money out of my homework on Blue Peter...Cheggars plays pop..pop..pop

Herbert Schmalz : Z is for Zenobia
Attack of the clowns aka where there's cheap oil there's always a way of OPEC
Zenobia built this city on rock and roll..but the internet trolls got there first. Ironically they turn stone as soon as the light of the sun hit them at the Temple of Bel. Amazingly the Sun God RA still shines down through the arse of a rainbow whilst MIB go the way of Gollum. The continual ongoing saga to Mount Doom...14months in to a 36 month campaign. My guess is they want the loot to appear on the Antiques Roadshow...wot a bunch of Bargain Hunts. The Blue team will win.

Help is coming : A ruin is a ruin is a ruin
1945 : Syria..France bombs Damascus, Eden tells them off..then the CIA get involved
Chilcot is still busy using children to write the report in long hand...submit submit what we already know. Still no-one understands who the suckers are paying Blair to talk gibberish and Alistair Campbell to appear on TV. Hutton, who.. forgot to interview David Blunkett?

Sightseeing: Fancy thumbing a Tadmur prison?
An army willing to die for you? Sounds a bit like the Hobbit...
I like the fact this time Hamilton has a giant tea cosy on his head and that Putin kissed him as well as shaking his hand. Which means we brits are even more in the red that we first thought.

foam party
The greatest Religion in the world is...FOOTBALL !
The worst Religion in the World is...FEAR !
You can sell anything to anyone..start at any age. There's always plenty on the shelves..while stocks last. Although sometimes the lines are empty & get re-stocked. Some even SELL OUT. Thankfully we don't ban everything otherwise the world would be like some crazy free-for-all
All is forgiven : The coalition fly military planes from Saudi Arabia just like in Gulf War1
Maybe Disney will do a movie based on a Saudi prince

Poker face - A new king aka monarchy by the sword divided

Role reversal days are big events throughout the world where oil is found..includes Texas
Time Out - Saudi men do all the cooking look after the kids and are not allowed to drive or ride a bike which thankfully means no one has to put up with women drivers..because women have banned cars and everyone walks and uses segways. (The men are allowed to fly solar planes & occasionally go on holiday to Iran) Whipping is just a fetish and flogging only happens when it's Black Friday...heads roll if you don't get a decent bargain. But at least you get to vote..only when the oil runs out in the resolution year 2249
I think God's been pretty pissed off for quite a while with man but I know he has a sense of tumor...humour
Peace for Aden: Saudi Arabia bomb people, Mosques & UNESCO sites in Yemen (NY Times article)
The very idea ISIL blew up the tomb of Jonah and 40 followers of the prophet Mohammed means?
The Nazi's bombed Churches in Gt Britain in the 40's..and Rheims Cathedral in 1914..why? Because it was a war...on bricks?!
All the while the future led to the fact... you can enjoy Dismaland on the net without the queues
Peace for Syria: Food, Jobs, Education, Infrastructure, Health, Security, Civil Government
CEASEFIRE  - All Syria's WMD's were successfully destroyed in 2012 by Russia..true or false? And it's not even 1915..I mean 2003

Bill Woodrow : walking wounded

oil chemical weapons corrupt govt food shortages drought peaceful revolution dictators
Have YOU been misread or misled ?! Put down your Barrel bombs (carefully), Chlorine is only for the swimming pools my dears and Marea...well, you should of seen her

Lucy Wood : Chair of the EU refugee commission
KEEP HUMAN : The Winter of Discontent...
800,000 American refugees seek sanctuary in Mexico (if US citizens apply for passports then it's Vietnam) 800,000 French refugees seek sanctuary in Algeria, 800,000 British refugees seek sanctuary in Saudi Arabia (tax free) 800,000 Chinese refugees seek sanctuary in S.Africa, 800,000 Indian refugees seek sanctuary in Pakistan, 800,000 Palestinian refugees seek sanctuary in Israel. 800,000 Germans seek sanctuary in Germany.... 800,000 Australian refugees seek sanctuary in Bangladesh 800,000 Brazilians refugees seek sanctuary in football. This is what happens when countries and statistics are pulled out of a hat by a rabbit called Harvey
Langlands & Bell : Sign of the times ARMS EMBARGO
Robin Cook resigned because...? Answers on a postcard, please send to Bucca prison Iraq
Never in a million years would I/you/we ever suspect a rebel front backed by the CIA to be a different front of an affront to selling arms to Christ knows who...and even he's disappearing off the map
Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits..another land grab of resources and people become expendable..they only help to raise taxes towards an unknown fate of bad services, no electricity, rubbish in the streets, no jobs, no schools, no freedom..
Religion demands you to know what the answer is but the question isn't the most important thing like maths you kind of know equations exist and there's always a proven answer.
God knows how I can solve Euclid's fifth..I leave that to the mathematicians

 this looks fishy
No wonder...Obama's gone on survival skills with the BFG aka Bear Friendly Grylls.
Alaska where Obama considers moving Syria & that other bit of Sarah Palin can deal with it
There is no greater god than love..unless you get jealous then all hell breaks loose


Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Martian

martian vista
Mount Sharp Comes In Sharply This composite image looking toward the higher regions of Mount Sharp was taken on September 9, 2015, by NASA's Curiosity rover. In the foreground -- about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the rover -- is a long ridge teeming with hematite, an iron oxide. Just beyond is an undulating plain rich in clay minerals. And just beyond that are a multitude of rounded buttes, all high in sulfate minerals. The changing mineralogy in these layers of Mount Sharp suggests a changing environment in early Mars, though all involve exposure to water billions of years ago. The Curiosity team hopes to be able to explore these diverse areas in the months and years ahead. Further back in the image are striking, light-toned cliffs in rock that may have formed in drier times and now is heavily eroded by winds.

The colors are adjusted so that rocks look approximately as they would if they were on Earth, to help geologists interpret the rocks. This "white balancing" to adjust for the lighting on Mars overly compensates for the absence of blue on Mars, making the sky appear light blue and sometimes giving dark, black rocks a blue cast.

Malin Space Science Systems, San Diego, built and operates Curiosity's Mastcam. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, built the rover and manages the project for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. For more information about Curiosity, visit and

More information about Curiosity is online at and

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

classic curiosity

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Charity sale event in St. Ives at Porthmeor studios this Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th 
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