Thursday, 30 April 2015

REDWING Arts exhibition : King Richard III, the Shard, Bowling stick, Wheelchair & window tax

Some of the ready made art pieces will be on view at the Redwing gallery this May.
Open Saturday 2nd - 27th May
King Richard III (5ft 8)

White Rose of the House of York

My Kingdom for a Shard (5ft 8 not 1,012ft)

Bowling for Cameron

Wheelchair (Atos Maximus)

Monday, 27 April 2015

Blur : Mr Whippy

Caramel Lonesome seat

House of cards

In the darkest days
from Fitzrovia to Tiananmen square
I learned to live minute by minute
appreciating the finer qualities of life

because we are a rarity

Now we can't afford our house of cards
and you can't get back
Hammersmith Palais was a brother
to The Astoria
now I just ignore yer

and the baby boomers will be neutered

And I get this funny feeling
with Russian Bears looking down from the ceiling
how we forgot Cold War conformity

Oh it's a House of Cards
we gamble away our livelihoods
Greenbelt land for sale
Tax the air
Download our DNA

let's build a thousand Shards
in our backyard
a monument to obscenity

because we are a rarity

the future has been sold
we are a rarity
as we grow old
reduced to a commodity
living in our House of Cards

we are a rarity

          1000 Shards = £1.4 Trillion (of debt)             'YOU CAN'T DO IT FOR TOFFEE'

Saturday, 25 April 2015

State of Play exhibition

Spring Gallery

Tuesday 19th May - Monday 25th May

David Axtell – State of Play

State of Play is David’s fourth exhibition at the Poly. Featuring his familiar oil paintings, from postcard size to large canvas’s of both figurative, seascapes and abstract. His work has a vibrant spontaneity and elemental freedom of brushstroke, which forcefully captures the dramatic weather conditions prevalent around the Cornish coast.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Post Bedroom Tax Exhibition

Thirty people came to view over the pop-up weekend art event..many thanks to Mary Fletcher for the initial proposal and to Alice Mahoney of CMR.
    3000 people have lost the use of their cars from because of new governmental measures. At £2000 each that's £6,000,000 equal to a bonus of an HSBC executive.

Loophole (Luxembourg) Red Pill, Wheelchair, King Richard III

Black/Red Square, Bladerunner II

In the Black Pill, I can't wait for the benefit of old age, Penny pinching, Sight

Vote? Bank on it or don't bank on it...

Emergency blanket, Window Tax, The wall of Jerusalem (from 'It happened one night' film)

 edible art

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

17th-19th April new art


cut (60x60cm)

An empty plinth idea...

all my love on a plate

black square


screwball (Edition of 50) Leagues included

something changed...

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Austerity Exhibition 17th-19th April

Here's a few pieces ready for the upcoming art event at CMR. With a theme of being 'in the red' and 'in the black' with the economy and a Be room Tax...a percentage is missing.

black pill

color wheel


red pill

Richard III
Wheelchair (Atos Maximus)

Monday, 6 April 2015

Spectre : Bank Holiday Bond

Buffalo Stance II  
Back in early Feb Blenheim was the setting for new scenes for Bond in Spectre. The film crew got to the location just before the re-opening of the Ai Weiwei  show (14th Feb - 26th April) and which I'd managed to view last year (post 27/11) The production then moved on to knee op Daniel Craig will be back at Pinewood.

Bond at Blenheim (From ultimate Bond)


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Austerity Exhibition aka A&E

                                Assemblages, painting, lost and found sculptures & poetry