Monday, 27 February 2017

Everything is F**ked exhibition

A book from the exhibition will be available to order shortly costing £7 each via CMR-Projectspace

David Axtell
A Sign, F U C K (1907 Map of the Med), Turn your world upside down - 1975 Radio Times,
F**k the week - Viagra pills (spelling f**k in braille) & Erector tin, Blind Trust (Trust in braille).
Low hanging fruit (idiom)

Merryn Trissider

Liam Jolly

TD Pryke
Chicken & Egg

Turn your world upside down (in colour) 

It's a knockout

From where to where?

(Illustration 'face of terrorism' from 75' Peter Fluck)

A Sign (of the times)

Blind Trust/Low hanging fruit

Who's laughing now?

Need for Conversation - TD Pryke

Aleppo before/after - someone to watch over me/Word bites..freedom of movement

Sound bites
LORA - Fred McVittie

be careful what you allow...into your home - Fred McVittie

Make America good again...Fred McVittie
Bullfighting ban - Mary Fletcher

Kiss my arse

The Four Freedoms - David Axtell

Freedom of the Press (Je Suis Charlie badge), Freedom for Refugees (Safety Pin),
Freedom from Fear (Black Lives Matter badge) Freedom from Prejudice (LGBT rainbow badge) Everything is F**ked

pic by Rupert White (

cmrprojectspace : Everything is F**ked

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Ban everything

Vox : Trump bans media outlets from press briefing

The Presidential Administration on a slippery slope of hidden truths...or everything is f**ked

NBC...DO YOU WANT TO SEE A PRESIDENT disagree with the press ?!

Friday, 24 February 2017

John Barron's night out

Look west to the red town. Two lads screamed from the carriages 'freedom'. I tried to yell but I had lost my voice. Blindly stepping past the youth who pissed his pants, dejectedly mumbling falsehoods incoherently and yet for all time the evening was still young. Bright neon lights lit up the doorway "Everything is f**ked"..I read to an applause of a consensus. Parting the black entrance curtains strange roots unfurled before me lifting me up two flights of stairs - it must be the air I thought. I hadn't even begun drinking.
     Who in arts name gave a Wonderwall of truth? Deplorable hung around his neck and there it stays a rich man's noose. Playing the old game..the out of date symbol has left the supermarket and found it's way into the White House. And in the corner plays a dance of the fool making a f**king mockery of dead cardboard and bin liners. Packaged trash. A brilliant throw away.
     The pendulum swings make Redruth Great again, Make America Good Again. Wear the hat. Keep it under your hat. Defend the four freedoms or kiss my arse...goodbye. Take a keepsake and pin it on your bathroom wall. Always aim high. Seeking refuge crossing the Med, a lifeboat of freedom awaits. Trust me I'm a scientist.
      In rooms of doubt the canvas plays, the stickers read, the printers talk. There's no end in sight. Who voted for a straight banana? Don't they share 50% of our genes? Or is this just a recycled fact. Curves are not any standard of the imagination. If you want it - to hell with it. Face facts and don't pretend to assume anything. Not if you want to live. As the printers block the Map. Oh, and turn your world upside down...Jim'll Fix It for you. The start of a falsity axed after a year by the BBC. So long as the keys to Broadmoor are there to lock him up. While you all chose to stay in the Common Market. That's Life so said the Ascent of Man.
      Who's Tower is it anyway? Held in a Blind Trust on the 26th floor. No friend of Art Deco goddesses that's for sure. Richard Prince is right. We were all chuffed we knew about that years ago mate. It's in Gremlins two. Anyway fcuk the week take a blue pill - unlike Neo who chose the Red Pill. You take the blue pill the story ends - you wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. On a weekly basis for the dysfunctional and impotent man. Two's gone missing. And it wasn't a Wednesday night. Where was that low hanging fruit lying too now?
       Crushed under a grape, the chicken and the egg the career opportunities crushed. The play on words where the UV light highlighted F***** Island in all it's bombed out glory. Where Dinosaurs live, tanks do battle upon the Raven heath.
       Thankfully I wore the T-Shirt to the happening. The Goddess/Empresses new clothes slowly moved carefully out into the night air ...she bathed in the red waters, rose from the earth as the sweetness poured down over her paper mask. Nothing is so black and white as this. Then she dressed and the room copied her.
        I left soon after for one last look. Losing the night but not the day. Three girls of a youthful age ran passed and darted behind a wall. Squatting, one let out a free speech and they laughed out loud. Alas, no time was left, I always run out of Spacial Lacuna.
       Out of breath, I must lose more than a few pounds to gain an artists weight. Missing the BMX bandits who assumed the drinks were free and not only for the privileged few. The girl on the train enthused about the upcoming special and couldn't believe a friend queried why Alan Rickman wouldn't be appearing? The internet holds a wealth of knowledge I assume. No-one claims to be ignorant. Sometimes the only answer is Love Actually.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Everything is F**ked

Curated by Stuart Blackmore - day before the show

floor arrangement

spot the odd one(s) out
Liam Jolly

Fred McVittie/David Axtell

staying positive
Mary Fletcher

Jonathan Hayter

bombs away

getting the full picture
Fred McVittie/Stuart Blackmore

careers & best foor forward
TD Pryke

Source FM interview 20th Feb

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Everything is F**ked poster

Featuring Artists Alice Mahoney, David Axtell, Fred McVittie, Jacqui Orly, Jonathan Hayter,
Liam Jolly, Mary Fletcher, Merryn Tresidder, SJ Blackmore & TD Pryke.

cmr project space coinciding with...

Space, Lacuna, Proxemics
Andrew Bird and Christina Romero-Cross - collaborative residency January/February 2017

Space: is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

Lacuna: The spatial relationship between objects.

Proxemics: The study of how humans use space and the effects that population density has on behaviour, communication and social interaction.
Over the two months of our residency, we intend to work collaboratively with each other and the space at Back Lane West; making new work that is both site-specific and haptic. Our perceptual and sculptural reality is based around the habitation of this space.

Open evening event: 24th of February from 6-8pmOpen Studio: Saturday and Sunday 25th & 26th Feb between 11 and 4pm

Saturday, 11 February 2017

New paintings at Trelissick Gallery

postcard cloud sketch

postcard headland sketch

postcard Stepper point sketch

Towards Godrevy (oil on panel)

Towards Helford passage

Clouds over Nare Head
(Oil on canvas 76x76cm)
Trelissick Gallery

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Rise of the First Order

The CIA's best-kept secret aka The new awakening (with more jobs & other stuff)

The new agenda-setting scene for....another Iraq Oil Law. Great. Bush policy mark II. Good to see Donald Trump wants two sides to every story. Like registering to vote in two states...or going on holiday to seven war torn countries. No-one visits until travel insurances are lowered.

If rain is God's work - is anyone receiving any climate change visions?

Blame the organisers who filled one of the spaces with two...three large marquees in the foreground. You could have seen the empty space better...what do I know I wasn't there I watched it on TV.

Spice up your life

 Mure blurble - nowlingly interflupting wuurds eon frazes

Reign Supreme

Sign an executive order
got a mind to make

This is my edict
this is my dictat

turf out the tribes
kick out the scribes
there's no business
like showbusiness

when I'm president