Monday, 27 February 2017

Everything is F**ked exhibition

A book from the exhibition will be available to order shortly costing £7 each via CMR-Projectspace

David Axtell
A Sign, F U C K (1907 Map of the Med), Turn your world upside down - 1975 Radio Times,
F**k the week - Viagra pills (spelling f**k in braille) & Erector tin, Blind Trust (Trust in braille).
Low hanging fruit (idiom)

Merryn Trissider

Liam Jolly

TD Pryke
Chicken & Egg

Turn your world upside down (in colour) 

It's a knockout

From where to where?

(Illustration 'face of terrorism' from 75' Peter Fluck)

A Sign (of the times)

Blind Trust/Low hanging fruit

Who's laughing now?

Need for Conversation - TD Pryke

Aleppo before/after - someone to watch over me/Word bites..freedom of movement

Sound bites
LORA - Fred McVittie

be careful what you allow...into your home - Fred McVittie

Make America good again...Fred McVittie
Bullfighting ban - Mary Fletcher

Kiss my arse

The Four Freedoms - David Axtell

Freedom of the Press (Je Suis Charlie badge), Freedom for Refugees (Safety Pin),
Freedom from Fear (Black Lives Matter badge) Freedom from Prejudice (LGBT rainbow badge) Everything is F**ked

pic by Rupert White (

cmrprojectspace : Everything is F**ked

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