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W1A : Session 2 aka Splinter of The Minds Eyes

 Lets throw in W1A : Splinter Group brunch 2 - Languine is on the menu with spuds you like

level with us
Simon Harwood: Somerset levels...the clue is in there somewhere..

Tracey Pritchard: Flat. Flat, bloody flat

David Wilkes: Levels right are..for like, you know, only for the level headed?

Simon Harwood: And they are to know and we are to find out..and that is our job definitive

Ian Fletcher: Glastonbury Tor is rather high..

Simon Harwood: High enough to see how far the lake goes? You know I do like you more
and more..

Siobhan Sharpe: Here's the thing. Lets plant..a big number of those tall things with nests

Tracey Pritchard: Trees? Have you ever been out of the city?

Ian Fletcher: Poplar

Siobhan sharpe: Whatever, lets say a big number

Ian Fletcher: How big?

Siobhan Sharpe: Throw something at me

Simon Harwood: Say ten full Olympic stadiums of people..that was popular

Ian Fletcher: Um..yes. 1 million.

Siobhan Sharpe: Cool

Ian Fletcher: And all those popular poplar trees will off set the concrete houses and roads that...

Lucy Freeman: Nations build everywhere on flood plains

Simon Harwood: But not on stilts? RSJ's very, very import

Ian Fletcher: Important indeed. Import to whom?

David Wilkes : Ant and Dec..

Ian Fletcher: Who? Are you suggesting Ant and Dec cross borders to the BBC?

Siobhan Sharpe: Lets build four storeys high. Float on air bags. Go hover somerset wa-hay

Simon Harwood: That is a great Grand Design concept can we do a grand re-float?

Ian Fletcher: Poplar by Design?

Simon Harwood: Yes..ooh you are on the money

Ian Fletcher: Wait. No...on second thought it would be an eyesore? Height would be an issue

Tracey Pritchard: What Four storeys is higher than a wind farm? Farmers having no planning
                            permission to erect monstrosities all over the place

Simon Harwood: The crime rate is literally going sky high..apparently

Ian Fletcher: No. Lets not dredge up that topic

Siobhan Sharpe: Sail away, sail away, sail away...Enya

Simon Harwood: Stunning absolutely stunning track great atmospherics

David Wilkes: From Fiji and Bali take me to lands I've never seen?

Simon Harwood: ..reminds me of my holidays

Ian Fletcher: Quite

Simon Harwood: And of my air miles, they've flown away somewhere must count them up

Ian Fletcher: Well were not on holidays or vacations we are slowly digesting our next course..

Siobhan Sharpe: Of flapjacks..

Ian Fletcher: Can truth and values can sit together?

Simon Harwood: Not even on the same bench. Don't try and square a peg where none are wanted

David Wilkes: Or half way across East Anglia..

Ian Fletcher: Do they have sand dunes?

Siobhan Sharpe: Total wipe out zone totally

Tracey Pritchard: It'd be an eyesore

Ian Fletcher: Sand does tend to blow in one's eye

David Wilkes: Ford Anglia was an ugly car wasn't it?

Simon Harwood: Everyone would complain about the new builds. Understandable really new
homes are boring aren't they. None have chimneys anymore funnily enough..wonder why

David Wilkes: Especially if you drove a Ford Anglia in East Anglia too that would be uglier

Ian Fletcher: Has anyone heard of Edwin Lutyens?

Lucy Freeman: What has this got to do with Somerset and why don't I have more to say here?!

Ian Fletcher: Have you seen the costs?

Tracey Pritchard: Not your paycheck obviously

Simon Harwood: Lutyens re-developed Delhi didn't he? Last time I was in India I was in Bombay - long time ago now. What's it called again now?

David Wilkes: Mombassa

Tracey Pritchard: That's Kenya totally different continent altogether!

David Wilkes: Oh, right getting confused..sorry

Siobhan Sharpe: African sanctus is a total flip out universe...Fanshawe one world lets rock that juice

Ian Fletcher: Mumbai

Simon Harwood: Mumbai..yes now that rings a bell. Thank you

Ian Fletcher:  Now Siobhan how much for clear up costs in the Somerset flats..levels

Siobhan Sharpe: 100 million pounds and zero pence. Dredge of a wedge!

David Wilkes: Wow! Like that's, like less you know than the beeb pays in Salford rates

Ian Fletcher: Really? That's more than my wage packet

Tracey Pritchard: Careful Ian. That's less than cleaning up the Nuclear Energy industry

David Wilkes: Are we sending in the Top Gear team..I mean they survived Chechnya right?

 Tracey Pritchard: was Chernobyl and how they survived that I'll never know

Ian Fletcher: Whats the  cost? I mean for the Energy clean up 

Simon Harwood: Why don't you interject here Lucy

Lucy Freeman: Thanks. About time..20 billion pounds

Ian Fletcher: Unbelievable...

Simon Harwood: Imagine that in a De La Rue money warehouse. Crisp notes..on the wrong paper

David Wilkes: Like what we spend on Dr Who..

Ian Fletcher: Go on

Lucy Freeman : The cost of Trident?

Tracey Pritchard: 20 to 35 billion pounds depending on who to believe

Lucy Freeman: Including planes and aircraft carriers..

Ian Fletcher: To replace it?

Tracey Pritchard: With what - harsh words?

Simon Harwood: Upwards of 120 billion pounds..sorry had to butt in. I had a bigger number. Plum points being a male here.

Ian Fletcher: And the Afghan war?

Lucy Freeman: 35 billions

Ian Fletcher: mmm

David Wilkes: No way! Like that is shocking. Could of meant we needn't of moved to Salford

Simon Harwood: Do you know I was thinking exactly the same thing

Ian Fletcher: How much did the USA spend in Afghan?

Lucy Freeman: Over 350 billion. Ha beat you

Simon Harwood: You know sometimes I just play Simon says...

Tracey Pritchard: Wow bloody wee

Ian Fletcher: Combined with Iraq..

Lucy Freeman: Anywhere upwards of 4 Trillion dollars

Ian Fletcher: Is that 4,000 billion or 4 million billion?

Siobhan Sharpe: Google it..

Lucy Freeman: That's a mispelling of Googol

Ian Fletcher: Like misspelling...

Siobhan Sharpe: What about a Toggle? I am so going to .com bubble it..I'll tweet it first

David Wilkes: You can still get decent Afghan heroin on the streets though

Siobhan Sharpe: Cool..T.o.g.g.l.e hashtag

Tracey Pritchard: There's no hero's in Heroin. Can you pass me a rich tea biscuit please. Thank you

David Wilkes: What's safer. Flying kites in India or Afghanistan?

Simon Harwood: Well fighter kites in India are very very dangerous..I think they could quite conceivably replace drones

Lucy Freeman: Warlords are back in vogue

Ian Fletcher: Vogue magazine? Not sure if that's appropriate

Simon Harwood: And they prefer crisp American dollars on the right papers obviously

Ian Fletcher: Obviously

Siobhan Sharpe: And dancing a west end show on broadway

Ian Fletcher: Billy Elliot

David Sharpe: Lets do a musical

Siobhan Sharpe: It'll be a hit

Tracey Pritchard: A one hit wonder more than likely

Lucy Freeman: Those Taliban make 400 million a year from opium

Ian Fletcher: I can see a correlation

Simon Harwood: Why are we in a recession again?

David Wilkes: Were not in charge of selling opium?

Tracey Pritchard: Don't be bloody stupid. You get more from selling guns and hospital drugs

David Wilkes: No I do not..that is untrue. I do have a BB gun though

Lucy Freeman: The NHS costs 120 billion a year to run

Simon Harwood: And De La Rue has run out of money...

Ian Fletcher: Does it include consultancy fees?

Lucy Freeman: No. It's mostly over priced drugs and unnecessary nose jobs...

Simon Harwood: Now who's paying people £300 a day to be told something they already know? Don't  quote me on that..lets be civil. I've just taken a random amount out of the thin blue air

Tracey Pritchard: I blame that embarrassing bodies programme.. wouldn't you be embarrassed being on it. Stupid people.
Ian Fletcher: And to save the coal industry?!

Tracey Pritchard: 10 million grandfathers turning in his grave

David Wilkes: You can win that one from a roll over..I said I did Thunderball didn't I

Siobhan sharpe: I do euro millions..I'll win what they're giving away

Ian Fletcher: Mmm quite ..yes I see the figures do have peaks and troughs

Tracey Pritchard: A right pigs ear of a trough more bloody likely

Siobhan Sharpe: They're not popular here..troughs are for horses

David Wilkes: Were eating out of sushi bowls..carbonara anyone

Ian Fletcher: Pigs ears? I don't quite follow

David Wilkes: Like that's all we need. Pigs that fly..parmesan! I just luuurve parmesan

Simon Harwood: Pink Floyd over Battersea with new glass and RSJ's hopefully..pre-fab Malaysian

Siobhan Sharpe: How low can you go...limbo, limbo, limbo.

David Wilkes: And I'll raise my arm only if you put a pretend coin in my armpit

Ian Fletcher: old oak would do? We need to be on the same level

Tracey Pritchard: No, not this one

Simon Harwood: Jokes don't grow on trees do they?

Ian Fletcher: They..just appear?

Lucy Freeman: Like tears in the rain..

Siobhan Sharpe: Cool!

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