Wednesday, 9 November 2016

All the Presidents Men

Voodoo economics

Magic number people
make paper girls wait
so step up to the plate
there's no time for clowns
dressed up to the nines in your towns

4 years of a day gone by
left to you and I
never giving up on a dime
to fast track an FTA
Super 301 provision
...join the queue
the one with the boy
holding hands with the Tele addicts
too late to save our time

Shine a light for the thrill seekers
Zen masters in
Atomic cities
peering over high walls
on vintage streets

Never knowing the right river
to swim against the incoming tide
Boy you know that city isn't yours to conquer
go drive like a nomad
beyond the city limits
where life's friction is beyond fiction

Haven't we already explained our fears?
They drown in our tears
dress down in black
nothing you can do
but mourn the day
make war pay
the devil will out
colours run red
the thin blue line shout

keep alive in your teens
stay dead in your jeans
flush out the slag heaps
where the future sleeps
a new brain drain
on the Presidential train

Feeling black and blue?
you know it's up to you
folly your leaders the newspapers read
this world isn't going anywhere

without you


America's Songbird

Go out into the sunshine
Catch a summer cold
Fly through the snow
Catch a winter sold

Doctors on the run below
On a wing and a prayer
It's a new fight or flight situation

A notional will to retaliate
you can free the world
As long as my baby is safe from harm tonight

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