Saturday, 18 October 2014

Newlyn Art Gallery : The Midas Touch

Through Penzance rains & dodging promenade waves.

18th October -15th November
 Midas Award 2014 

The Midas Award provides an important platform for recent fine art graduates from Falmouth University. The annual award is a partnership with Midas construction, Newlyn art gallery and Millennium Gallery St. Ives. Selected from this year's Falmouth University fine art degree show by representatives from each of the partners and guest selector artist Patrick Lowry, the five shortlisted artists present their work in the upper gallery.
    The winner to be announced at the preview on Friday 17th October, will receive materials and mentoring to develop work for a solo exhibition next year at Millennium Gallery, St. Ives. Last year's winner, Marc Messenger, presents his new series of sculptures in the lower gallery. The works have been specifically created for this exhibition since winning the award in 2013.




Lower gallery - Marc Messenger 'Existed'
'This body of work is inspired by Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging. Take a step back. Consider the graceful isolation of nature waiting for spring to come. Contemplate the simple beauty of nature to just exist, with seemingly effortless force, passing time under the influence of the universal cycles that control all existence. Using natural materials and allowing a deep engagement with the minutiae of form has encouraged a reinvention of the past, whilst revealing a moment caught in the seclusion of the present - a moment that just existed.'

beautiful simple illuminated natural common earthbound dance twist weight 

The Picture Room - Caroline Pedler
Recent works by falmouth based artist Caroline Pedler. An-ti-dote is a result of a period of time spent as resident in Studio 5 at Porthmeor Studios, St. Ives.

hidden covered memory re-invented marks stillness linger advertised play

Upper gallery

Laura Adams uses animation to explore how troubled emotions can dramatically shift one's perception. The charcoal drawings are key in the development of metaphors behind the imagery, moving from room to room as if mapping the mindscape.

delicate solitary light hand flicker butterfly reflection chair void within 

Diane Bechmann's work explores human behaviours, our desires and secrets, as well as our obsessions with ideas of escapism and the combinations of fantasy and reality. By concealing the bodies within packaging materials, she aims to objectify the figure and evoke the notion of a product enticing the customer.

consumerist trapped chained suffocation bound hardsell judge 

Jon Doran is interested in exploring the ability of a painting to depict truth; whether a body of work can be a faithful proposition of the experience of reality. he sees each mark upon the surface as holding a dual existence; being simultaneously abstract and representational.

dappled narrative layered flicker woods light natural

Calum Armstrong is interested in natural materials. Influenced by architecture and sculpture, his work explores a space between these disciplines. His intention is for the work to interact with the building or space it inhabits and to draw the use of material into question.

geometric lift nature weight shift tower

Guido Lanteri Laura invents and assumes the identity of fictional characters, placing himself in a world where anything is possible. In Modo Del Abeglia he immortalizes the feelings he holds for the land of his ancestry. Drawing inspiration from performance art, gymnastics and rock climbing, he uses acts of physical strength and endurance as a means of distorting reality.

fun play upside treewalker

                                                      The Midas Award 2014


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