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Indiana Jones Five

         A Christmas season special...

        INDIANA JONES and the PYRAMID of FEAR aka The Curse of the African Queen
                       by David Axtell from the original character creation of George Lucas
                       (Extracts from a prequel to a sequel of a trilogy...)

                       We see the familiar fade in of the Paramount logo to Sugar Loaf Mountain of
                       Rio de Janeiro.

                       INTERIOR – HOTEL CUMPARSITA - NIGHT

                     Indiana Jones is located within a Hotel gambling den surrounded by Mafioso types,
                     sleazy dropouts and hoodlums. Exotic burlesque dancers are the entertainment on
                     the premises and La Cumparsita (Tango) music is being played.
                         There is a mean crowd round the Poker table where a big stash of money is being
                     gambled for an Ivory box inlaid with the famed CLOUD PEARL of Yoshimoto. (A
                     legendary Samurai warrior). The owner also likes to keep exotic pets - Piranha fish, 
                     Lizards, spiders and snakes in cages and tanks located in the Hotel.

                     THE TITLE FADES IN – RIO DE JANEIRO 1955

                     Offered to drink Tequilas Indy is wary and declines the offer. The whole place seems
                     to make him feel uneasy as if he’s trapped in a lair. He has an old score to settle with
                     a previous adversary. Throwing caution to the wind and a reckless offer Indy wants to
                     win back the Cloud Pearl. Among the three players is a German. Albrect Dalfinger is
                     the latest person to own this artifact (Stolen from Lao Che in the late 20’s). Albrect
                     Dalfinger is embarking on a ‘vacation’ out of Argentina as the political situation has 
                     deteriorated against Peron. Dalfinger was a Nazi spy who had survived the scuttling
                     of the German Warship (The Graf Spee)  and he is willing at this time to gamble his     

                     stolen treasures to offset the cost of his escape.    
                          Further shady types linked to the niece of Lao Che (Lu Sho Che) are also watching
                     and waiting outside these premises. Indy’s other partner in this situation is Short
                     Round. Indy is playing with three of a kind –  all Queens…

                                      How times change Dr Jones – our countries were once
                                      sworn enemies. And yet now here we are two old adversaries
                                      waiting to see how the new world order plays out.

                                      Well that just depends on how you play the game Albrect.
                                      I could smell your foul stench –  a mile away
                                      Nazi’s always give off a nasty smell.
                                      Come, come Dr Jones. There’s no need for personal

                                      I wasn’t…consider it a compliment. 
                                      Having a price on your head can’t be good for business.

                                      Circumstances have changed…life was getting out of hand
                                      in Peron’s Argentina. 
                                      The ratlines have all been closed down Albrecht, there’s no
                                      where for people like you to hide.

                                       Nor you Dr. Jones…I’ve heard the story of you and Loa Che.
                                       Yeah; well I’ve got an old score to settle.

                          …another card is dealt – another Queen for Indy

                                       Old habits die hard eh Dr Jones? (Nervous laughter)

                                       Yeah, I never seem to give them up. 

                         … Short Round moves closer to protect Indy.      

                                              You’ve come late to the table to join us.

                                              He’s not here to play Albrect.

                                              Well then why don’t you introduce us

                                              This is Short Round. He’s my insurance policy.

                       The situation grows tense as Indy has a good hand and …the stakes are raised
                       Dalfinger wants to see Indy’s cards and takes off his gold cufflinks inscribed with
                       his initials…..  

                                              Maybe the great Yoshimoto Pearl will finally
                                              have a new owner…Herr Jones?

                                              That’s my intention – you reading my mind? 

                                              Things slip away from you when you least expect them to.  
                                              You wouldn’t stoop to conquer it would you?

                       ....gesturing that there is card cheating going on.

                                              C’mon unlike you? It’s not my style.
                                              Not when there’s money on the table – another thousand
                                              to know for sure…I never like to lose.

                      …Indy calls to see the cards. Dalfinger has a bad hand – seeking to forfeit the game.

                                              You are much like your Father.

                                              Oh - and what would you know about my Father?

                      Dalfinger slips in with another card. A Queen of Diamonds falls to the floor.
                      Short Round alerts Indy
                                              You have much in common…
                                              And what’s that?
                                              ….soon you will be dead also.
                      Indy is incensed ….guns are brought into the open and as he shoots  – (hitting
                      Dalfinger in the shoulder) fireworks are let off outside (It is the annual Rio Carnival)

                                              Not if I can help it. 

                      All hell breaks loose – the Poker table gets overturned and the Cloud Pearl falls into
                      the injured Dalfinger’s lap – money is strewn all over the floor.
                           Indy and Short Round have to make their escape from the gambling den but Indy
                      is accosted by two heavies who are holding his hand over a tank of  Piranha fish and
                      loses his gun into the tank. Short Round comes to the rescue with his Kung Fu.  
                      Dalfinger aims for Indy and misses hitting more of the exotic pet cages as more and
                      more of the animals are let loose and they are doing Indy’s job for him by getting rid
                      of the bad guys. The Cloud Pearl box gets flung across the room and like a game of
                      catch it gets thrown around and lands in a tank of Tarantulas. One of the villains tries
                      to retrieve it and gets bitten in the process.

                     The Piranha tank smashes from gunshots and Indy retrieves his gun in the nick of
                     time and spoons up a deadly fish on a plate up on a foe and shoots Dalfinger again who
                     ends up crashing into a tank of snakes. 

                                              Short Round quit stalling and let’s get out of here.

                                                              SHORT ROUND      
                                              Sure thing Indy (As he lays another Kung Fu kick on an assailant)
                     They make their escape through the kitchens spilling over boiling pans of water and
                     turning a gas dial as they run from the restaurant a rotating fan is brought down on
                     some unsuspecting diners and everyone exits the Hotel in a mad panic. 

                     EXTERIOR – ROOFTOPS – NIGHT
                     Indy and Short Round scale the rooftops and balconies dodging bullets. Indy uses his
                     whip on a telegraph pole cable like a zip wire which causes an electrical fault starting
                     a fire on the bunting that decorates the Hotel. This ignites the leaking gas which blows
                     up the premises.

                     EXTERIOR – THE STREETS OF RIO – NIGHT

                    Rushing out into the night time scene INDY and SHORTROUND have to navigate         

                    their way through the crowds and flotillas of the Rio Carnival. Indy gets caught up with
                    more feather clad dancers and soon loses his partner in the melee. 
                        Some of Albrect Dalfinger's hoodlums are attacked by Lu Sho’s men and Indy is   

                    relieved to let them all fight it out. However Short Round is overwhelmed by these   
                    henchmen and is kidnapped. Taken away aboard a Freighter bound for Africa.

                     STORY OUTLINE - CONCEPT

                   Indy is on a mission to exchange the Cloud Pearl for his partner. There is a trade in illicit
                   Elephant Ivory from Africa and Lu Sho Che Enterprises are dealing with the export
                   overseas to China. En route Indy meets up with a British diplomat/missionary JOHN
                   COLLIER who unbeknownst to Indy is complicit in the Ivory export too. (Big game is   

                   big business) The Briton is in league with a South African hunter called THEO      

                   INDY’S helper and tracker is TOGO WASILI who is also suspicious of the
                   British Diplomats true intentions. Togo’s wife PADME is also the Diplomats        

                   Extract from the curse of the African Queen

              JOHN COLLIERS young daughter (A Rachel Carson type character – concerned for
              the environment) called  BETTY COLLIER is a good pilot for the African interior. She is
              surprised to learn of Indy’s knowledge of flying. (Her heroine is Amy Johnson).

                     EXTERIOR – AFRICA – DAY

              Indy is preparing supplies for the journey he has to go across Lake Tanganyika and meet
              with the British consulate in N. Rhodesia travelling on an old ferry steamer ‘A new Hope’

                                      Hey kid, come over here and give us a hand will ya.

              Turning to face Indy the ‘kid’ is a girl she is petite but tomboyish/workmanlike in her

                                      Sure thing mister do you need a hand with your eyes too?

              Indy turns around realising the mistake

                                                           JOHN COLLIER
                                      Hullo! You’ve met my daughter then.

                                      Yeah…she’s quite something for…

                                                           JOHN COLLIER
                                     Allow me – (handing him his luggage) you must be Dr. Jones
                                     we’ve been expecting you. We received your Telegram.
                                     I’m John Collier Diplomat to the British Embassy here in Rhodesia.

                                      Pleased to meet you. 

                                                           JOHN COLLIER
                                     You’ll have to excuse my daughter – she has a harsh impulsive nature.
                                     Betty has always been a worry for me especially after her Mother’s 

                                     passing away.

                                      I’m sorry to hear it.

                                                           JOHN COLLIER
                                      We do what we can. Betty keeps herself busy helping to   
                                      supply the local villages with aid – there has been a rather bad
                                      drought recently. In fact why don’t you give Dr. Jones here a
                                      ride in Jason?

                                      Father you know I don’t like taking passengers. 


                                                                  JOHN COLLIER
                                      She’s quite besotted – Jason is her plane.

                                      Named after Amy Johnson’s Gipsy Moth?

                                      Yeah how did you know?

                                      I know a little about planes.

                                      Have you ever taken the wheel?
                                      On occasion; I’ve had some experiences….

                                      Flight school?

                                      Not really….I did have a few lessons with Edwin Musick.

                                      Hey! I’m no PAN AM Mister Jones!

                                      Call me Indiana.

                                      Well Indiana Jones in your case I’m willing to make an exception.
                                      I can take you as far into the interior as you want for a price (smiling)

                                      Quite the mercenary – I’m not here for the sightseeing honey.

                                      A mystery trip then? I’ve got a drop to do the day after tomorrow
                                      You can climb aboard then

                                      Why thank you.

                                      Not at all.

                                     INTERIOR – THE AMBASSADORS HOUSE – DAY

 .                                                               JOHN COLLIER
                                      Togo, would you please see Dr. Jones to his room.

                                      And have you fed little pig too?
                                                                 TOGO WASILI
                                      Yes Mamma Temba. 

                                      (Referring to an orphaned elephant that Betty has reared herself)                    

             HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

             To be cont...Indiana Jones six on new years day


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