Thursday, 29 December 2016

Modern Victories

modern victories

Vangoffey - take your jacket off and get into it!, Rauschenberg bed, the Phoenix on Walton St, saw Gillespie step into a Taxi at Oxford Station; must be in the right place to see Primal Scream, Peace, Picasso portraits (he was very much in each portrait), The Bank of Ashcroft from Legendary O2 event, The crown Pub Woodstock recommend the Cavalier Golden Ale, Docherty Demonstrations, Tate Rauschenberg serving up art on a platter (with umbrellas & goat), Star Wars Celebration : Rogue one, Picasso, Minor Victories, St. Martin in the Trafalgar, Turner prize, I am an imbecile Shrigley balloon, Star Wars Identities - Ralph McQuarrie, Gavin Turk Who What When Where How & Why, These people Bank of Ashcroft

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