Sunday, 10 August 2014

Entries for Inland Festival : Assemble now theme 'Interplay'


ARTISTS STATEMENT : Working with collected and found objects that when brought together create new associations to do with childhood. The fragile nature of both memories and concepts of play together allows an association depicting the aspect of initial freedom when young but also inherent boundaries that seem to trap inner fears and create an isolation away from the surrounding adult world.

aunt Sally

1.TITLE OF WORK Aunt Sally
DIMENSIONS (in cm) H 54 L 54 W 20
MEDIUM Wood, Metal
DATE July 2014


line and sinker

2.TITLE OF WORK Tight Hook
DIMENSIONS (in cm) H 1m 10 L 27 W 27
MEDIUM Cardboard, Wood, Nylon, Cotton, Steel, Rope
DATE July 2014

Trojan horse box

1.TITLE OF WORK Trojan Horse Box
DIMENSIONS (in cm) H 50 L 96 W 50
MEDIUM Straw, Wood, Metal, Rubber, String
DATE June/ July 2014
Entry update : not accepted for participation
The interior below the Boots building had the 5 chosen works that offered a placement of residence in CMR. Painted Bee Hives, Mountain scale, Dancing feathers, Equipment play canvas
Pop Up Art evening -
The Sketch House opening night was a myriad of play upon the senses..a mashed up musical memory house box in a darkened booth - no more than a foot wide and five ft height guitar strings hit with toy motors very cleverly playing over a conversation simultaneously flickered on and off slide pictures, video calls, Tarot readings upstairs including directions on how to make a 3D assemblage using the weather as inspiration and an open mike of acoustic songs.  
   Christina Romero Cross's installation. THE HOUSE - nestled bird eggs in the middle of a mattress called for home with a pinhole film that projected down created a glimpse of a journey as the camera toured the interior of the large scale dolls house in the room. Birdsong emitted throughout the darkened interior created a feeling of welcome, warmth and calm. Projections of a family photo shone onto a carefully placed pillow opposite. And a suspended birdcage held within miniature home furnishings of a front room complete with lamplight added to the narrative.

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