Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pussyriot & Ai Weiwei

Pussyriot -'To build a castle'
Ai Weiwei (open your eyes)
Lemon is a yellow revolution with honey while reading Thoreau
During the course of last week I saw Ai Wei Wei's art at Blenheim Palace and attended the talk given by Pussyriot Nadya and Masha at a Guardian event in Kings college. I love Art..
      Are all people artists? You need to socially do the right thing aka Joseph Beuys. An expression of freedom involves truth. Who creates the action to envisage a new way of living? Do you desire a change? A Life a little less ordinary than cooped up in a box. Jail. Wrapped in foam. Opening tin cans on tarmac. Lids for utensils. Living rooms without air. You cannot hide from truth but you can hide from bombs. Why not embrace the silent majority by having a silent revolution? Stay silent, live quietly, love only in dreams? Yellow is the colour of Van Goghs sunflowers (keep ears safe) it is hope it is the sun it is warmth the colour under your chin from a buttercup is yellow. Can we say we all like butter nowadays? (sunflower spread for me thanks..low fat. Is Omega 6 too much of a good thing? I like fish) I love ear phones..
        Who lives real? Who lives really? Who really live? Punk ethos creates a right to express a train of your train. Regardless of self imposed rules by authority that in itself is not reality. Climb aboard. Who's in the first class? There are seven classes. I would dye my hair pink I would dye my hair green but I have less hair. I am envious. Do not let others be envious of you. I wear a hat. A safety helmet discovers truth. Light five thousand candles. Brave is my cousin. She is alive. A course in time is a river. How do you flow? Ponder your course. Beware waterfalls and fools gold. Power is not for your own end. Rules of engagement does not mean as a rule we should be engaged to be married. Shall we all climb back into the bagism of our lives? Who's bag are you in? Can we all fit in? We like to fill paper bags with air and make them go pop! Yellow is breathing not suffocation. I love games.
      Freedom is a virtue. Boundaries are not always on land. My door is always ajar. There is no door but I do have a window. I keep smiles and my laugh in a jar. I keep it on the edge of my shelf. Look over my hedge if you want, you know I may want a bit of privacy. Come into my garden I am your friend too. I will respect my neighbour but I won't always go round to their thursday afternoon barbeque. Because I don't always want chicken with salad. I prefer hotdogs with onions and I have a painting to do. Freely I love only your yellow roses.
        Maybe a silent disco would of done the trick? Or why not quietly shop with a punk prayer playing over the tannoy while we buy sinks. Sky's the limit. There is magic in the moonlight. Women spoke. All hell broke loose. It's the 21st century. Ladyland. Get used to it. Why omit to forget ones place? Rather like airbrushing away an expensive watch. Maybe everyone can download a pussyriot app – maybe I can download a buttercup app. Maybe Ai Weiwei's carpet (softground) is the track of your land. Maybe if he'd been eating fish fingers when he got arrested instead of crab it would of been bad art.

He Xie a good course of 2,300 crabs
Maybe if sunflowers were peanuts we would all have a nut allergy. I walk on peanuts. Snoopy is funny. Handcuffs on Churchill's bed is funny and kinky. Handcuffing Ai Weiwei is absurd the situation is situ. I hang my coat on Duchamp. Maybe I can app-ly the buttercup to the chin of many world leaders. Hold a butter cup party in the name of the beloved buttercup. Invite your friends to join the sunflower seed party. I love only the free buttercup.
         Bring an umbrella preferably yellow. Wear yellow hats and socks. A yellow jersey is for cyclists of the Tour de France only. Don't get confused. Mask is an air-raid siren. Do not destroy your air. Smog. Unmask those who mask their tracks. Unmask the tracks that led us here. Follow the yellow brick road. Create your own yellow brick road. Don't get lost. I have a map. Keep a compass. The cat in the hat wore yellow socks on the yellow brick road and he used a cat flap in the door to truth. No cat should be on a leash. Pussy cats are cool. Dogs are trained and are given orders. Dogs get the scraps and left overs. No-one should be treated like a dog. Some dogs receive much love because it is easier to love a dog than a person. My love is easy to give. I like to be patted. Some people eat dogs and cats which is weird. I saw a picture of a dog with hooves on a curtain. It made me laugh. Raise the curtain there is a new play. A bowl of pearls is equal to everyone. One pearl is equal to you. I love to laugh. Freely laugh like pussy riot.
        Always have a clear destination. Converge in the street and build a wealth of buttercups to share. Plant butter cups and sunflowers. Drink from yellow butter cups. Place buttercups in the barrels of guns. Fire only sunflower seeds. Action. Film it. Yellow sweetcorn is a movie star. I love popcorn. Seven zodiacs speak who talks? Imperial is a sign. Communism is .com. I live in a community. A face mask is something you make. Make a new face. Take off the face of the mask and see the eyes that bring warmth not fear. Fear that is cold and becomes frozen deserves to be thawed. Bring warmth to the table. I bring the buttercup. I am the butterfly. Free to fly. I can't fly yet. But I love wings.
         I am free to say I worship the buttercup. When it rains I hold out my palm and I know the rains have fallen around the world on sunflowers. But who will tend to my buttercup? The children. My world. Whose children? Your children? This world? Our children. Our world. Yellow umbrellas hang upside down from the roof of my home. Respect for my umbrella is lacking. I need water to live. The youth of today are new. We will become old. Old is new. Young is as old as you get. I love news. I love the new rain.
        I freely explain that my message is true warmth. The sun. The sunflower. The seed. Sow. I create butterflies. But we are all caterpillars. I send a warning when I see birds of prey. Look out they are watching you. Watching us. Watching each other. Save the bees. Build hives. Make boxes for bees. Save us. Pupa is the pupil. When you leave my classes you become Cassius Clay. I love claymation especially The Wrong Trousers.
train of thought
Lots of people wear the wrong trousers. Get a decent pair. Trousers do not offend me. People who offend trousers are porcupines. They need to come out of their holes. They are not free. The penguin crook who is escaping on the railway in the kitchen is clay. Mould. Shirt rhymes with skirt. You hurt me in the dirt but I like to have a bath. I can wash. You're lies do not wash with me. Shower in the rain. I love shorts (above the knee)
         I say do not fear the evolution of a revolution nor do I fear a revolution that feeds evolution. Sanitation is solved with sewers. Education is knowledge. Teachers are people too. Wealth is shared by philanthropy. Success is fed by nurture. Poverty is solved by equal distribution. Trees are fed with the air we breathe. Truth is insight. Substance is the will. The good will of the people is new. Nature is our neighbour. Farm to eat. My house is your home. My home is a house within a home. Earth is home. It is not a house. The sea is not always friendly. Rip currents are a hazard because the foundations of the seabed change. Under current. Keep foundations calm. Sail. Don't rock the boat. Sink the boat. I see land. Learn to swim. Build a better boat. Wear life jackets..they will always keep you afloat. Storms brew when hot and cold air masses meet. Calm hot air and let the cold air cool. Fame is famine of the soul. I am famished. Express yellow. I love pancakes with lemon and sugar.
         Lightning creates a current. Electricity. Create your own lightning with your own thunder. I roar and I see clearly but I am currently silent. Until I awake...from a kiss. Freedom is in the responsibility of the dream. An angel kissed me once. My dream is a new reality this world is not my dream it is my life. The dream of my life is a reality yet to be born. I lay awake. I dream a different dream everyday in every part of the world. Life is good. Life is bad. Live your life to the full. There is no lid on life. It cannot be half empty. I prefer a full pint. Guinness is always worth the wait. Order another drink. Life can change. Life is born is is life on lemon street.


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