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Anchorman 3 : The Future is Burgundy part 3 (Suzanne, Shirley and Katow - jo)

The future is Burgundy

Champ: Hey Ron. Do you know people send e-mails now instead of talking on the phone

Ron: Nope!

Fantana: Like now, nobody has time to talk
Ron: I like talking to people...It's in my blood. You hear. I like to look 'em in the eyes. And
I like to know who's on the other end of the line too.
Fantana: I hear you?!

Champ: I mean were busy right. That's why were on the internet right now

Ron: What, I'm on the internet right now?! I DON'T believe you!
Champ: Yep on the internet mostly...

Ron: Can you give me a percentage on that?

Fantana: You know 70% of the time it works everytime...

Brick: Depends on your bandwidth broadban-dedn-esss-ess-ses-es. So-rry g-ett-in s t- -uck in - th fib re op tri ck -s...

Fantana: He always gets bad static on a weather beaten day

Champ: Yeah, I love manual re-tuning it's so much easier and quicker

Ron: I think you do love manual too

Fantana: 'Emmanuelle 2' I loved that!

Brick: Loud noises!
Ron: When I pick up the phone I know it works! Hey, remind me, who invented the...'Telephone'
Fantana: Alexander Graham-Bell... another Brit
Ron: And another double-barrelled name eh...
Champ: Yeah. Wasn't he Scottish?

Fantana: Still is...get with it

Ron: Glenlivet!! I love scotch, scotch, scotch see I'm drinking it on the internet too!

Veronica: Actually. Antonio Meucci has the credit for inventing the telephone, he called it the teletrophone

Fantana: Italian, that's poor?

Ron: Yeah and differenter. The spellings not even the same.

Champ: Are you sure you read that right?

Veronica: Sure, I can read. I read it on the internet

Champ: Man. Don't believe everything you read between the lines on the net

Fantana: I prefer the Brits name anyday

Ron: Yeah. Alexander Graham-Bell...has a kind of ring to it

Champ: Whammy!

Fantana: Listen. Electronic mails are like electronic telegrams you know, a screen pager of sorts

Ron: Oh, I get it. Instant Telegrams...they should call them Insta-gram's for short!

Champ: Just think of it like a messaging service

Fantana: Like leaving messages on an ansaphone

Ron: Can you send messages to yourself?

Fantana: Course. But why would you want to do that?

Ron: I used to send ansaphone messages to myself when Veronica and I weren't talking

Veronica: It's ok hun. I'm here now

Fantana: What kind of messages did you leave

Ron: Oh, you know the usual. Messages of hope. God knows I needed it.

Fantana: Everyday?
Ron: I got addicted
Champ: Addicted?
Ron: Yeah. O.K. I got addicted! To the sound of my OWN voice!! Can't you tell.
Fantana: That's the problem today man too. Loads of people are addicted to the internet now
Champ: Yeah. All those e-mails. That's a lot of silent writing
Fantana: The silence is deafening!
Ron: Well I'll hear, slash read them now. But, only in your head?
Brick: I hear voices in my head
Ron: That's your subconciousnesses talking Brick
Chani: It's okay sugarplum I'm here
Brick: Did you hear that?
Ron: What?
Brick: That
Ron: No
Chani: I'm in the salon getting my hair done. We communicate using telepathy. Remember?
Brick: Oh gee, yeah I forgot. Can I lick you?
Fantana: Hey. I heard that.
Ron: So no-one has time? But people still have time to write this stuff down?
Fantana: Yeah
Fantana: It's their attention span it's got shorter like a child's
Ron: What are those?
Veronica: Ron! Walter's listening...
Walter: Dad. Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead...
Ron: Again! That's the third one this week
Champ: I blame the parents...
Fantana: I blame the shark...
Ron: I thought Doby was looking a little bloated
Veronica: Will you stop feeding him my babysitter film!
Champ: She heard that. Slash was that a reference?

Fantana: Are you having trouble reading's a figure of speech
Ron: I thought it was a joke. I'm going to write that one down in my Diary. Veronica had a
very funny joke today. I'm going to keep on laughing at that one...whatever the time of day
this is.
Champ: WHAMMY!

 ...from here on in, it can only get worse x

serial part 2 18/01 & part 1 14/01

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