Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Brian Fantana: Fracking, the best thing since Coal?! Or the worst thing since Bush?! God, I haven't felt this awful since Reagan became President...

Brian Fantana
                              Quiz Hotshot the 7 best quotes :

                              1 - Hi, I'm Brian Fantana.
                              2 - Diamonds are not a womans best friend. I am..for a price. And I don't cost the
                              3 - Testosterone isn't just a way of's a FACT
                              4 - I never queue, I just wait in line for the next opportunity
                              5 - Of course I take showers there's more room to share you know, but
                                   not my conditioner
                              6 - Wine is best left on the vine and I always do the talking
                              7 - Men sweat, women just perspire. Get over it
musk you ask

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