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Anchorman 3 : The future is Burgundy part 9 (includes nine Burgundy line cigars)

The Future is Burgundy

Valentines Day: aka Veronica Doing Day slash VD-Day

Exterior: Taking Tea with Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone outside their San Diego Penthouse Mansion Suite Lakeside Condo-Valley House

Poolside : Taking photo's as only a Canon Can..da doo ron ron ron the do ron ron

Veronica: Do you know that it's Valentines Day today?

Ron: Nope!

Veronica: Oh I know you've got a surprise for me haven't you?

Ron: Nope!

Veronica: I will so give you a Chinese burn if you don't...

Ron: Have you ever seen how my Cannon works?

Veronica: Sorry, what was that you were saying..Canon?

Ron: It's my new David Bailey venture and I think you need to get behind the lens...

Venture: Are you saying I need a hobby?

Ron: I have an artistic eye you know. Lots of Hullywood celebrity couples need to take pictures of themselves on camera to update their agency folios and it's all cool we get to keep the negatives...

Veronica: Now that's very reassuring hunny in this day and this a ruse or part of a surprise?

Ron: It's all part of the fun sweetie and I'm adding a little flavour to the standard ones and besides I've always wanted a candid portrait of you on the wall especially now that we can't afford that artist guy

Veronica: You mean the so-called Wyeth inspired one?

Ron: Yeah that one. This way it's a lot cheaper.

Veronica: So long as it's just between you and me?

Ron: Sure. Are you up for it?

Veronica: Let's just say you need time to adjust hun...

Ron: Well, I'll make a bargain with you. If you would let me make a cup of Tea for you to relax first with a Cannon..then will you see how my..Canon works?

Veronica: It might end up with you giving me the Canon for the sake of a cup of Tea?

Ron: Are you saying it will?

Veronica: Can we have Tea first I'd rather relax second...I need to be in the mood

Ron: Let's make Tea! UHT?

Veronica: You hate Tea?!

Ron: No. I know you like Tea?!

Veronica: Yes. But you hate Tea?

Ron: No! I like Tea..this is UHT

Veronica: Semi?

Ron: Thanks for asking...

Veronica: I think it's Fine

Ron: Here have this (hands VC a letter)

Veronica: You sent me a letter..?

Ron: Yes I did. And it's in my own hand using my very own Burgundy ballpoint ink pen

Veronica: A letter U..?

Ron: Yes. I sent you a letter U

Veronica: Why?

Ron: Because U always comes after T

Veronica: I thought T comes before U

Ron: Correct.

Veronica: Tea comes before you?

Ron: We always have this argument

Veronica: You sent Tea by letter too?

Ron: Yes two is a number woman. I sent T by letter and were having Tea too

Veronica: You too?

Ron: U2? You're not having me go down that road again

Veronica: Well what comes after U too?

Ron: You V for...

Veronica: For Veronica?

Ron: Yes

Veronica: V for Veronica comes after U?

Ron: Correct

Veronica: And T comes before U?

Ron: Yup

Veronica: And how can you send Tea in a letter?

Ron: With Instructions

Veronica: Is Tea really that small?

Ron: No. I use a large font and christen T's with the sign of the cross as my mother taught
me I always cross my T's

Veronica: Isn't the water cold?

Ron: Nope. I serve Tea hot.

Veronica: Wouldn't your letter get wet?

Ron: I know this...but I'm not going there we've got Tea to make

Veronica: Because It'd be too wet in the post..?

Ron: Yes. That's why they christen those baby kid things in the font?!

Veronica: Only if you used water for a tap

Ron: Besides a little drop of Tea won't hurt

Veronica: Wouldn't you need to brew the Tea first?

Ron: Brew Tea first. Second, add milk

Veronica: You never said anything about milk?

Ron: You never asked first anyway and milk would go off unless it's UHT

Veronica: That's sour! Are you sure about the shelf life?

Ron: There's no need to sulk while I'm doing the pouring. Anyway, who's it going to go off with? The sugar?

Veronica: Who said anything about sugar? I don't take sugar

Ron: But I like you sweet and you taste like cinnamon

Veronica: But why send me two letter T's in the post

Ron: Simmer down

Veronica: Ron it takes two to Tango

Ron: But there's no two T's in Tea? And only one T in Tango!

Veronica: But there's two T's in a letter?

Ron: Yes. Two T's to make a le-tt-er and I only sent you one over Tea

Veronica: I'm not thirsty now and how can you..throw one Tea?

Ron: I never threw a Tea!

Veronica: T fell out of the letter?

Ron: No. I never drop a T or my R's

Veronica: Well now I'm not very relaxed

Ron: I'll let you pick it up later. At least check out my Cannon?

Veronica: No. The moment has gone

Ron: But we could still take some pictures with the Canon?

Veronica: By the private poolside where no-ones looking?

Ron: Yep

Veronica: Okay then we can still do that. We could relax in the Jacuzzi...

Ron: Jacuzzi?! What's that some kind of Japanese mafia owned bar? Is it French with a silent J?

Veronica: No hun it's the latest craze it's a hot tub blowing bubbles

Ron: Oh okay I can disguise my blowing bubbles in the bath...

Veronica: Won't your lens steam up? We can clear the air later

Ron: The lens always steams up I'm going for a David Hamilton look. We'll hop in the Jacuzzi after

Veronica: Do you have your UV filter...?

Ron: Soon. You always look good in a steamy picture. And I do have a UV lens so there's no harm in soaking up the suns rays...

Veronica: Ok. I'm ready now. Is this pose fine as the 'Toilet of Venus' and no holding a mirror up to me

Ron: I won't, it's a painting

And so the world celebrates as Ron and Veronica water the Sunflower seeds...of love. 

Happy Valentines! 

Until Veronica passes the time with her favourite pastime.  
Well known benefits of reading the book 50 Shades of Grey. Mostly because it is real..(the book) a bit like vinyl you can hold them, feel them, touch them, spin them, place them in alphabetical order, get to use shelving again and enjoy the benefits of things being solid. Without getting all tied up on the internet.

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